Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fun-filled saturday

this past weekend was pretty nice. on saturday afternoon we drove to durham for the escapism film festival where we saw The Muppet Movie. i've loved it since i was a kid, and which danny knew, so he suggested that we all go. what a sweet husband i have! alanna saw it when she was pretty little, so she didn't really remember everything. and danny had not seen it since he was younger, so i don't think he was expecting much, but he surprisingly really liked it. especially the jokes about hare krishna. malcolm i think was bored, haha.

he was more excited about the bounce house outside, than the movie.

look how little he is compared to the rest of the kids waiting

but he held his own. he was just as wild and crazy as they were.

the carolina theater is such a gem.

the weather was really nice, and the sky was so bright and beautiful. i loved how it was reflecting off this building across the street from the theater.

after the movie, we hit ninth street for some frozen treats

malcolm got rasberry sorbetto this time

but he was more interested in eating my mexican chocolate soy ice cream
(i don't blame him, it was delicious!)

after that we headed to danny's parents house for dinner. they surprised alanna with a pre-birthday cake, and an amazing birthday gift that she was so excited to receive! i will post more about it early next week. vicky makes the best vegan pistachio cake with pistachio icing, it is seriously coma inducing. we all loved it.

malcolm helped her blow out the candles

they also surprised malcolm with some new iron man toys. he had so much fun running around and fake blasting everyone (and everything), and shooting the missiles out. he is really into super heroes right now, thanks to danny and his love for all things marvel.

this face kills me, this is what he looks like when he is busy blasting me :)

thanks again dan & vicky, for everything! ...wait, maybe not everything. malcolm was blasting me in the face sunday morning, before i had even gotten out of bed! he is a maniac with that thing! haha :)

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