Friday, September 17, 2010

friday favorite: the monster at the end of this book

oh my goodness, i can't believe that it has been over three months since i made one of these posts. what a slacker i am. and even worse than that is the fact that our house still isn't 100% put away. ugh. i feel like i am drowning in the clutter that has nowhere to go. but we are slowly getting it right, and we love this place, so all is well.

anyway, onto the book. today i chose: the monster at the end of this book starring lovable, furry old grover. i've always been a big fan of (mid to late 80's) sesame street and jim henson, and i remember loving this book as a child. i was recently reminded of it by my friend bethany and her blog post about children's books that she loved when she was a kid (thanks b!) so when we hit up the big store-closing sale at our local books-a-million, i was on a mission to find this specific title, and i found one! it's a nice hardcover "big little golden book" copy, and i scored it for only $4.50, yippee!

malcolm had never seen this book before, so he was pretty excited when we sat down to read it. boy was he on the edge of his seat the whole time! it was so funny the way he reacted to each page, and towards the end he clung to me like he was really scared that there was an actual monster on the last page. i had to explain to him what the ending meant a few times, but then after he understood who the monster really was, we both laughed about it. i think he really enjoyed it.

as we were reading, this book popped into my head. oh how i loved that story as well, and strange how i haven't thought about it in so long. crazy how one thing can bring up such fond memories of something else! it looks like it is out of print, and i can't seem to find any new copies online, that aren't a bazillion dollars. so mom, if you happen to find my old copy of it, please send it our way :)

i hope you enjoy reading my book posts. i'm glad to be back at it, and i will do my best not to miss any more fridays. wishing you an awesome weekend.


  1. Oh my god, I'd forgotten all about this book but I loved it too! I can clearly remember my Dad reading it to me. Definitely tracking it down next time I'm back home! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. love love love loveeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This was my favorite book as a kid!! I bought it for Gracie when she was 2, and we've read it many, many times. I will hold on to it a little tighter, knowing that it's out of print though. It's a memory maker for sure! I'm glad you found it! :)

  4. haley, the monster book is still in print, and available all over. but the other one i linked to, called hide & seek with grover, is the one that is out of print and i cannot find. both books are great! <3

  5. oooooh, gotcha! I've never read that book. We'll have to keep an eye out for it when we're visiting used bookstores. :)