Friday, September 24, 2010

friday favorite: carl pops up

i recently saw this board book in the children's section at borders, and then again at books-a-million while they were having their store closing sale. i know this book, "good dog, carl" is a classic, but i'm not sure if the board version is a new edition, or if i just never noticed it until now? either way it reminded me of a book i found at our local used book store last year, which i just absolutely love. so today i chose: carl pops up by alexandra day, which is the pop-up version.

from the description on "The book that introduced Carl, the babysitting Rottweiler, to his adoring fans. Carl leads his infant mistress on a wordless romp through the house, causing chaos and destruction, but managing to restore order just before Mother returns home."

i snagged our copy for $6 (which was paid for with in-store credit, score!) it looks like it is out of print, and all of the brand new copies online sell for $50+. but there are tons of used copies on ebay and amazon, for much less. ours had a few minor tears, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little glue.

"look after the baby, carl. i'll be back shortly."

looks like there are many, many more "carl" books from the same author, so i will have to check them out. have any of you ever read them? or have you ever even heard of this one? i think it is lovely :)

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  1. I had some Carl books when I was little! For some reason, I thought the mom was very chic and, obviously, really wanted a dog to be my babysitter. I've never seen a pop-up version though, I like it!