Thursday, September 30, 2010


fourteen years ago today, my life changed forever. i may have lost a part of my youth, but i gained the most rewarding (and challenging) experience i could have ever imagined! happy 14th birthday to my daughter alanna. i love you ♥

1997 - one year old


2006 - 10 years old





it's crazy how much she has grown in just these past 5 years since we've lived in nc. she has become a beautiful young lady. thank you to my parents for all of your love and support with helping me raise her. to my sweet husband for always accepting her as if she were yours... and for putting up with us, haha! to dan & vicky for your love and encouragement. and to malcolm for taking a beating once in a while (they like to play rough). i know he loves to have her as a big sister... most of the time :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALANNA DARLING! your the best mom she could ever ask for lauren!

  2. Cute post Lauren! You are a great an inspiring Mama!! Happy birthday Alanna and I cannot believe you have a 14 year old :)