Thursday, August 5, 2010

what we've been up to

wow, it's already august!? it's been super hot and humid here, and/or pouring rain, so we haven't been doing anything too exciting. *it's currently pouring outside* i can't believe summer is already almost over. alanna goes back to school in less than three weeks. crazy! where did the time go? with all of this rain, all i can think about is how it will soon be autumn. my absolute favorite time of the year. hooray. here are some photos from this past week.

we love going to costco. believe it or not, this is my dream couch. i would love this in our house to relax and watch movies on. but lucky dog would destroy it. so i will just continue to dream about it.

my first time making peanut butter cookies out of the vegan cookies invade your cookie jar book (i added the chocolate chips for danny)

malcolm and i took a trip to kmart so i could admire this sweet little patio set that i love. i'm hoping it will go on major clearance soon.

kisses for daddy

middle of the night thunderstorms

i took these videos from inside the house. we don't have a covered porch, so i couldn't go outside to film the lightning. but it was wonderful!

we took a quick overnight trip to charlotte and hit ikea on the way home
(our house is coming together very nicely thanks to some new shelving! i love ikea. and thanks again lynn for letting us stay with you guys!)

danny kept malcolm busy while alanna and i decided what to get for her bedroom. he caught this video on his phone, haha

summertime baths in the front yard

alanna has spent the week here, at artspace, for their summer youth arts program

our lantana bush's are covered with bumblebees and beautiful butterflies!

trips to the neighborhood park

silly boy

on tuesday evening our hot water went out. so we gave malcolm a quick bath in the kitchen sink...

he loved it, and made a huge wet mess!

we really lucked out with this new (old) house. our landord is fantastic. i called him yesterday morning to let him know about our lack of hot water, and he had someone come right out to fix it. and this morning he called to make sure that we weren't having any more problems. he also let me know that he pays for an exterminator service to treat the house, and that they will be coming in a couple weeks. so no yucky bugs inside for us (have you ever seen a
palmetto bug in real life?! if so, you know how awful they are. eeek!

anyway, he has done way more than our last landlord ever did, and we've only lived here for a month and a half. pretty awesome. our last house had bats in the attic, termites in the wood, spotty mold in the drywall and windows (ewww), and a rodent in the basement (poor garrett!) and the owner never came and repaired or got rid of any of it. he was a slumlord for sure. i am very grateful for this new place. we are pretty happy living here :)


  1. YAY! SO happy things with the new crib are going awesome! that pic of malcolm in the sink is hilarious! EEEWWWWWW i remember the bats! oh god...they tried to kill me with their squueches! hahahahaha!

  2. Beware the palmetto bugs! I am a transplanted Yankee living in Florida 25 years now. I have learned a hard lesson that nothing kills those Neanderthal beasts! I believe they smell fear and fly right toward it (meaning ME!!!). I have learned to never leave a door open long at night and keep papers sealed in plastic (Ziploc bags). AND NO CARDBOARD BOXES! Good luck!

  3. the video of malcolm in the wardrobe is super cute! :)

    I'm glad you have a super landlord! Mine is rubbish! I have damp, and if it doesn't get sorted my winter I'm gonna be sooo ill! Hope mine gets his ass in gear!