Monday, August 30, 2010

weekend pancakes

danny is so sweet. on sunday for breakfast, he surprised each of us with a special pancake. he always makes the best pancakes (thanks to mcdonalds, haha! he mastered his art there, years ago before he was vegan) and we usually scarf them right up, but we were kind of sad to eat these ones. well, at least i was. the kids, maybe not so much.

mickey mouse for malcolm

the very hungry caterpillar for me!

mama cat for alanna

and he didn't want lucky dog to feel left out, so he made one of him as well.
alanna ate it too :)

pretty stinkin' cute. what a nice husband & dad.

we had a rather uneventful weekend, and i really didn't take any photos. on friday i took malcolm to marbles while alanna was in school. it was pretty empty, i guess because school has started, so it was really nice to be able to sit and play with each activity without interruption. later that evening, danny stayed with the kids while i went out with a few friends to see the breakfast club on the lawn of the ncma. the weather was perfect. we picked up burritos and cupcakes, and we all had a lovely time. it'd been 10+ years since i had seen it, but i totally remembered almost every line. it was so fun watching it on the big screen under the stars. i just wish danny had been there with us (he loves molly ringwald).

on saturday we went to the flea market, but it got pretty hot, so we only stayed about an hour. then in the evening, the kids and i went to a bbq to celebrate our friend lia's birthday. the food was delicious, as always, and the cake was wonderful. but we left early, because malcolm started to get cranky. on days when he misses his nap, watch out!

sunday we took some things to the good will, visited the used book store (and scored big on some trade-ins!), did some grocery shopping, and then just hung out around the house. it was a pretty chill weekend, just how we like it :)

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