Tuesday, August 17, 2010

weekend in nc

on friday i was feeling a little bummed out. remember our amazing trip last year to ma? well, that annual event was happening again on saturday morning, and i was sad that we weren't able to go again this year. this summer is already almost over, and i feel like we haven't really done much of anything. well, at least not in the form of a vacation as a family. our only day trip to the beach was pretty much a giant fail. and alanna starts school again in a week. so i was kinda feeling down about not going anywhere this year.

looking back at this time last year, it seems like we had so much going on. we had the weekend in ma, we were looking forward to a trip to the mountains with my parents, and also our annual vacation at disneyland in october. this year we aren't doing any of that. and it makes me sad. i would really like to just get away for a bit.

my sweet husband must have known that i was feeling a little off, and he did a great job of making our weekend very nice. on friday he rented the blindside for alanna and i to watch, while he went and saw the expendables with the boys. we both really liked the movie, and it totally made me cry (of course, haha).

on saturday morning our landlord had the water heater replaced (it died friday evening), and after the super nice fix-it guy finished up under the house, we headed out to danny's parents place. we left the kids with vicky (thanks again!), and drove to durham for some quiet kid-free time. we had sorbet at whole foods and then browsed the used book store before heading back.

the kids sometimes make us feel like zombies, so it's nice to get away. in this case, they made danny look like one :)

when we got back, vicky took us out to dinner, and then we spent the evening relaxing outside. malcolm picked the cutest little cantaloupe ever from her garden.

we found some fireworks in the house, and had fun setting them off

all the noise and sparks and excitement, and malcolm could care less. he was totally uninterested.

sunday started off pretty lazy

danny mowed the lawn (it looks great!), and when he was finished, we all got in the car and headed to chapel hill.

we stopped for lunch, and then went to our favorite comic book store.

malcolm looks thrilled, haha.

then we hit the used book store

and we finished the outing with chocolate cake at the local co-op. yum! it was a nice low-key weekend. oh, and i'm glad the humidity is gone, and the weather is getting better. i'm really looking forward to spending more time outside soon.


  1. Ha ha, that sign in the book store is hilarious!! I love it.

    Malcolm is getting so big! I can't believe how fast time goes. Is he talking much? Next time we are both in Salt Lake, we need to plan it better so we will be there at the same time!


  2. I am so jealous of those little mini cantaloupes! i looooove cantaloupe and i have never seen one so small! how precious!

    Thats funny about the espresso and children... my coworker has that magnet on her locker (fitting, working as a barista)