Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the very first

tonight is the very first time that i have been away from malcolm for more than just a few hours. ever. danny is house sitting at his parents, so he took lil' buddy with him to spend the night. it's only been a few hours, and i already miss them both so much. i know, i'm crazy. but i am not used to being alone, or the house being this quiet for this many continuous hours. i keep thinking i need to turn the tv down, or whisper, but then i remember that malcolm is not asleep. at least not in his very own "big boy" bed. i know alanna is enjoying the peace and quiet without the boys here. they will be back in the morning, and i cannot wait. yep, i've lost it.

he helped me pack his little overnight bag, and was so excited to go. i think he must have said " i'm ready to go!" about a hundred times.

oh, and when danny offered to take him with, i had thought of all this stuff i should do while they are gone. you know, like be super productive?! but i watched two hours of masterchef instead. i guess i'm on vacation tonight :)

p.s. today is the 200th post on malcolm's photo blog. go check it out here if you haven't already!

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  1. Oh, goodness. That picture of them walking away with their overnight bags is priceless! Isn't it funny how quick they become daddy boys? Sheesh! They seem to forget so quickly who pushed them into this world... ha ha.

    I'm glad you got some time to yourself even though it was tough!