Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ugh, this heat

yikes is it ever hot out here. today the heat index was 108. i am starting to feel like i have summer depression. you know how people get down and blue in the winter months from the lack of sunshine and vitamin d? well, i think i have that in reverse, if that is possible. i cannot wait for the weather to cool down, and the autumn air to settle in. i am seriously counting down the days.

since we aren't able to spend time outdoors, we are trying to stay sane by getting out of the house often. summertime cabin fever is the worst.

we took a trip to the mall looking for back to school clothes. we've also been hitting target and the book store for fun.

alanna is taking art classes again this week, so that is keeping her busy. i took malcolm to marbles by myself on wednesday, and i didn't lose him this time! we actually had a really great time. it wasn't nearly as crowded as the past few times we've been. and he listened to me and played very nicely with everything and with the other kids.

our little garden is doing pretty good. so far the only thing growing is cucumbers... lots and lots of cucumbers. i think we have about ten of them in our crisper right now. i've been trying to get malcolm to eat them, but with no such luck. we are hoping that the tomatoes start growing soon. and i'm pretty sure our squashes are toast, but we'll see.

malcolm was having fun taking self portraits with my camera :)

today after we picked alanna up from artspace, we went to toys 'r us to cool off and browse their awesome selection. malcolm loves that damn store. he is a huge fan of ride-on toys, and after we left i asked him what his favorite toy was? of course, he said the bikes. (dan, i took this one for you!)

i hope your weather is better than ours, and that you are keeping cool. can you believe that in two more weeks, alanna will be an 8th grader? eeek!

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  1. wow...8th grade?! I'm saying the same thing though about Gracie being in the 3rd freaking crazy!
    That museum looks awesome! I wish we had somewhere fun like that here. :(