Sunday, August 8, 2010

snip snip

malcolm is two and a half now. his hair was starting to get long and wild, so rather than have a go with the clippers at home again, we figured it was time for him to have his first professional haircut. yesterday we took him to a local salon that specializes in kids cuts. he got to choose a video to watch, and which little vehicle to sit in. he chose the nightmare before christmas, and an airplane.

he was really good and sat pretty still during the trim. he did get a little scared when the stylist tried to tidy up the back with some tiny clippers, but then she let him hold them, and showed him that they didn't hurt, and she was able to clean up his neck.

after the cut, he ran around in the lobby checking out all the fun things they have for kids. i tried my best to get a good shot of his hair before we left.

and again in the car on the ride home. but this is all i got, haha. he hates having his photo taken.

p.s. don't let that sweet face fool you. malcolm has hit his full blown terrible two's. he can be such a beast these days. just an hour before we went to the salon, we went out to lunch, and he was simply awful. to the point where we had to take him home and put him in time out in the corner. most days he is so sweet and smart and absolutely amazing... but then in an instant he just loses it. on the drive home from the restaurant yesterday, while danny had steam blowing out of his ears, i vividly remembered alanna acting/doing the same exact thing at that same age (until she turned 4), and how upset/angry/embarrassed it made me feel. i think this time around i am a little more patient. danny on the other hand, maybe not so much. this is his first time dealing with a toddler. i hope we survive this stage in his little life. we love him oh so very much, but yikes, is he ever testing our patience.


  1. I feel you with the toddler thing. They can be so nice and sweet one moment and total terrors the next moment. With Elijah I think a lot about how you said three was the hardest age and four is so much better. Honestly sometimes it is that thought that keeps me from going crazy!

  2. Wow, that salon is awesome!! I'm jealous!

    Oh, and terrible twos!! Goodness!!
    Malcolm is acting totally normal for his age. He is just testing the limits!! I think it is just as tough on them as it is on us... I am so sorry. When they act like monsters, only mothers can love them I think! LOL. ha ha.

  3. woah! That is an awesome chair! I bet Malcolm enjoyed that..I know Jai would. Jai misses out because he's fortunate enough to have me as a retired hairstylist..haha. I hate that you guys are having to experience the terrible two's. :( I hope that things get easier for you all. I remember reading about his sleeping habits when he was a baby. I don't know how you survived that! Yikes!

  4. thanks ladies. katie, you are a super woman with those two boys of yours!

    he keeps asking to go back to the "hair cutters", so that he can play. i'm glad he enjoyed it there, makes taking him again something to look forward to.

    yeah haley, he has been challenging since day one. with all the crazy reflux, colic, horrible sleep habits (he still is not a very good sleeper), and now all these tantrums. i guess all of that just makes us stronger though, you know. wish me luck with the rest of his life, haha :)