Friday, August 20, 2010


yesterday the kids and i headed downtown to spend a couple hours at marbles, since malcolm had been asking to go all week. i found a parking spot on the street just behind the museum, and alanna got out of the car and came around to my side. i took my keys, opened up the back door, hit the lock, and grabbed my wallet to put some quarters in the meter. then a guy came up to our car to ask us how to use the new meters that they just installed all over downtown raleigh. he caught me off guard, and i was distracted and before i knew it, the door clicked shut... with my keys on the floor inside, next to my purse and my cell phone, and malcolm strapped into his carseat!! luckily he was asleep, so he never knew what happened. but my heart sunk to my stomach. i have never locked him in the car before, but i have locked my keys in the car many, many times, and i knew that someday this would happen.

thankfully it was overcast and had been raining earlier in the day, so it wasn't very hot out. and thankfully alanna was with me so that she could stay by the car while i went to find help. we were near a law office, so i asked if i could use their phone to call raleigh police. the dispatcher was very nice, and said that this happens all the time. she sent out the fire dept. with flashing lights and all. how embarrassing. but they arrived quickly, and were able to jimmy the door open enough to fit a long thin metal rod down inside to pop the lock. malcolm slept through the whole ordeal. and he wasn't even hot when i took him out of his seat. phew. things could have been much worse, and much scarier if this had been any other august day in nc. we really lucked out.

he saw the fire truck just as it was driving away, and said something about the lights. little did he know that they just saved the day. i don't know what it is with us and marbles, but somehow we seem to have the worst luck. remember how i lost him a couple weeks ago?! seriously, what is the deal?! haha. anyway, we had a lot of fun playing inside.

i apologize for so many photos of the same place. but there is so much to do there, and it seems like each time we go, i get good shots of the kids doing different activities. plus i like documenting how much malcolm enjoys going there :)


  1. Wow, how damn scary!! I'm so glad everything turned out okay.

  2. I know that I've probably said this before but that museum looks so freaking awesome! We may have to make a trip to Raleigh just to visit it one day. :)