Sunday, August 22, 2010

family fun day & such

saturday afternoon vicky came over and we all headed downtown for "family fun day" at artspace, to check out the youth exhibition and see what alanna had created while at their summer arts program.

she did both of these pieces in her "collage creations" class

she took "printed posters & journals" and made this tiger print using a linoleum block

here is her journal

she also took a stained glass class, and pinhole photography, but did not have any of those items on display, so i don't have any photos of them. alanna was able to take all of these classes free of charge, thanks to my friend lia (who is the director of programs & exhibitions at artspace), who let us know about their scholarship program. we are very grateful that she qualified and was accepted. it was a nice way to break up the slow summer months, and she had fun creating art, and meeting new friends.

and while we were there, we got to check out our friend garrett's new studio. he was chosen as their "regional emerging artist in residence", which is pretty prestigious, and we are very proud of him and this latest accomplishment.

alanna went home with vicky to spend the rest of the weekend at her house, so sunday was pretty chill. we did some grocery shopping and then spent the evening out in the yard while danny mowed the lawn. malcolm loves his little pool so much. (thanks lana, for the awesome hand-me-downs!)

that's the front of our new little house :)

look at all that lush green grass! we have wanted a yard like this for 5 years. we really love living here!

after about 20 minutes, he wanted his trunks off! haha, this boy loves to swim in the buff.


  1. Ummm... WOW Alanna, what a great artist! Not that I am suprised she comes from an incredibly artistic and creative family. Also I love that Malcolm is a little nudist!

  2. Garrets stuff is alwasy soooo amazing wish i couldve gone to that show and malcolm is such a rascal!!! and wow alanna is sooooo grown! <3

  3. your new place looks so nice! look at all that space!and what a yard to!! :]
    im so glad you've got that all sorted now because i know before you were stressing about finding a place. so its lovely to know its in hand :]