Tuesday, August 17, 2010

big boy

today we finally converted malcolm's crib into a toddler bed. he's been able to climb out of the crib for months now, and he could do it safely, without falling (sometimes he would get stuck on the rail, and would cry out for our help, haha), so we weren't in much of a hurry to take the front panel off. but i figured that maybe having a "big boy bed" would entice him to take naps in his room instead of on the futon (or in the car), and also help him want to stay in bed all night. for what seems like forever, he has been coming to our bed in the middle of the night, which can be so sweet on some nights, and an absolute disaster on others. quite often we all wake up like zombies, since malcolm sleeps like a wild beast, rolling about, tossing and turning, and kicking us both in the head. it's crazy.

anyway, so today i put his new toddler bedding on (i actually won this eric carle bedding set on ebay when he was just a tiny little infant. i've been waiting patiently to use it!), and before i could get his new bed rail installed, he was ready to take a nap in his bed. he went down in no time. it was pretty awesome. i snuck in and took these photos after he was asleep. pretty dang cute.

after about 40 minutes, he did roll out onto the floor, which was sad, so he finished his nap on the recliner. but tonight he seemed excited to go to bed too. here's hoping he will stay in there all night long.


  1. I have a little side rail I got for like 10 bucks that folds up and down to prevent them from rolling out of bed. I think you can buy it anywhere.

    What a big boy Malcolm is!! Demetri still sleeps with us most the time. He slept in his own bed for about 4 months and then decided to come back to us... It is going to be really crowded when our new baby comes...

  2. yeah, i got a side rail yesterday at babies 'r us that also folds up and down. but i didn't get it put together before nap time.

    he went to bed good last night, but he totally came and got in our bed in the middle of the night. boo. haha, yes, your bed is going to be a mess! i hope you guys have a big one! :)

  3. cute bedding! when i lived with my mom for a short period of time last year, kyle (then 5yrs old) would sleepwalk into bed with me/us, at first it was cute, but he also goes crazy with his fists and legs hahaha. good luck with the naps situation! :)