Thursday, July 22, 2010

a year of marbles

thanks to a very generous gift from grandma vicky, we are now members of our local children's museum. yesterday we went and got our marbles membership, so we will now be able to play there anytime for the next year. i'm pretty excited. it's been really hot out, and malcolm gets a bit stir-crazy being in the house all the time, so it'll be nice to have a fun indoor air-conditioned place for him to play and learn.

alanna says she is too old for most of it, but she didn't mind going with us. she starts school again in a little over a month, so malcolm and i will have fun playing while she is in class. plus it is right downtown, only about 5 minutes from our house, and about 3 minutes from her school. how totally convenient. thanks again vicky (for this, and for alanna's camp fees too!)

pretty awesome being an official member, haha :)

he passed out in the car when we left... he didn't even finish his lollipop!

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