Wednesday, July 7, 2010

summer fun, micmacs, & the fourth

vicky brought alanna home from camp on saturday afternoon. she had a lot of fun, like we had expected. she got to ride horses, swim, hike, and hang out with kids her age for the week. we still need to drop off her disposable cameras to be developed, but if any of the photos turn out, i will post them here. it's nice to have her home.

on friday evening we stopped at kmart to get a few things for malcolm. he needed new shoes terribly, and we found him some really cute toy story sneakers there. we also picked up a plastic kiddie pool, and a garden hose. he is in heaven in his new little pool :)

i waited until alanna came home, to pick these two giant cucumbers! they are the only things to have grown so far in our little "pot garden", and we were pretty excited to have our first ever homegrown organic veggies! we sliced them up and ate them the other day, and they were crisp and delicious!

sadly, while alanna was away at camp, a guy came and pressure washed our new house (at the request of the owner) and killed almost all of our plants. vicky and i were over at the old house cleaning when it happened, and since no one was home he just sprayed everything without moving any of the plants. what an asshole! how lazy and inconsiderate. we came home to a bleached house/sidewalk/driveway, and dead shriveled up plants. luckily a few were spared, including these cucumbers (which were away from the house), the spider plants, and one squash. but all of the tomatoes were toast.

vicky is so sweet, and was kind enough to bring us a bunch of new plants when she brought alanna home. so we are starting over again. wish us luck with this second batch of plants. i will take a photo of them soon, since we just cleaned out the planter where they are now living.

vicky stayed with the kids, and danny and i went on a date. i guess this was our official anniversary date, since we were only able to grab lunch last week. we drove to durham, had lunch at the cosmic cantina (we love that place), and then went to a movie at the local independent theater. we saw a french film called micmacs, and it was wonderful! seriously, it was such a fun movie. i loved watching every single second of it. if you have the opportunity, go see it.

the outside of the carolina theater

after the movie, we stopped at whole foods for a treat. danny got a cookie, and i was hoping that they would have a vegan cupcake, but they didn't, so instead i enjoyed a tiny non-dairy sorbet. i chose pineapple basil, and it was amazing! sounds like a strange flavor combo, but it was surprisingly good.

on sunday the kids and i went to a bbq at our friend lia's house. we aren't very patriotic, and we don't really celebrate the 4th of july much, but it was nice to hang out with friends, spend the day outside, and eat delicious vegan food. danny has severe social anxiety... so he opted to stay home. what a party pooper.

the kids had a lot of fun swinging in their hammock

after the cookout we went home to cool off, napped a little, and then headed back outside to do a little yard work. we decided to skip going to see fireworks this year, because the traffic and crowds are too much of a headache. plus we didn't want to keep malcolm out that late. but by the time the sun had set, our neighborhood was full of it's own little fireworks show. so we sat on the front lawn and enjoyed watching others set off their store bought explosives. we are really loving this new location. it was a really good day.

malcolm had a long tiring day, running around in the heat. just before bed, i found him like this, totally passed out on the couch, haha! not much different from last year :)

danny took monday off of work, since the post office and shipping services were all closed. we spent the day working on the house, running errands, and then we got takeout for dinner and ate it as his new shop. this is the view from the back of his business complex. when he takes out the trash, he has this beautiful view of a marsh full of deer, and cranes, and railroad tracks. pretty awesome.

alanna is growing up so fast. she gets more and more beautiful every day.

when we got home, malcolm ran through the sprinkler in the nude!

danny ran through it too! it was hilarious. our new neighbors probably think we are insane. naked wet babies running around in our yard in the dark, haha! last night we also gave malcolm his bath in the pool on the front lawn. he was out there swimming already, and it just seemed easier to wash him there, rather than take him in and put him in the tub. yep, that's how we roll. summertime around here is grand!


  1. Alanna is such a beauty...not often you see girls her age looking so natural and earthy, (heck I hope those words don't offend anyone), but lately the teenage girls just wanna be Paris Hilton look a likes.

    Your ice0cream looks delish!

  2. The picture of alanna & malclom on the grass in the dark is beautiful!

    and I'll keep my fingers crossed that your garden works out this time!
    Your cucumbers do look great.
    Mine still haven't bloomed yet :(

  3. Demetri runs around in the buff all the time too. LOL. I love that they don't even know modesty yet. Their worlds are so safe, it doesn't matter.

    I love the pictures!! Come visit so the boys can play!!

  4. Your daughter is so tall and beautiful!