Friday, July 2, 2010

if you need us...

i don't think i have ever mentioned here before, that there is a park in our neighborhood. we hardly ever visited it, because the playground was so old and boring. i took malcolm to the baby swings a few times, but mostly we would just stroll or ride our bikes past it and not stop.

we've lived in the same area for five years. our first little house (that we loved, but had to leave because we needed a third bedroom for malcolm) was about five minutes from this park. so alanna and i would ride our bikes through it. then we moved to our last house which was also about five minutes away, but on the other side of the neighborhood. now our current house is right in the middle of the two, and it is only two blocks from the park. like a two minute walk.

the weather has been perfect this week, so on wednesday malcolm and i went for a quick stroll up to the park to see the new playground that has just been installed. wow, were we blown away! this new equipment is amazing! malcolm had a blast on it. we will be spending much of our time here, i'm sure. so if you need to find us, we're at the park! :)

the toddler playground

a seesaw! haven't seen one of these at a park in years!

and over at the big playground
(this thing spins)

it really is so much larger than these photos show

and the trees surrounding it are giant and beautiful

what a wonderful addition to our lovely neighborhood. we are pretty stoked, to say the least.


  1. Im jealous! Our park sucks. So does the weather, though...way too hot for any sort of outdoor fun that doesnt involve water.

  2. Ahhh, I loved kiddy pools when I was little. Great pictures of Danny and Malcolm running through sprinklers and Alanna is so grown up and gorgeous. They're both gonna be so different by the time we get around to our next D-Land trip.