Wednesday, July 14, 2010

got gilt?!

this is just a quick post to let you know about an amazing website that i am in love with. some of you are already members, but for those of you who have not joined yet, you totally should. gilt group offers some really great products for a fraction of the retail price. it is free to join, all you have to do is sign up. there are seriously no catches, and no strings attached. just wait for their email notifications, and then pounce on the great deals. i have ordered from them twice, and have been more than delighted with both purchases. this is what i received yesterday!

i love plan toys, and was really excited when i saw that they were being featured on this airport set retails for a hundred dollars, and i got it for less than a quarter of that price! score! i am going to stash it away for malcolm until christmas. i hope he loves it as much as i do, haha.

last month i got a paul frank diaper bag for a great price too, but i'm gonna hold onto it until we (hopefully) have another baby. i am really only interested in their
children's sales but they also offers steals on high end mens & womens clothing and also things for the home (way out of my price range, yikes!) so anyway, check it out if you are interested.

sorry for my lack of posts, it has been really busy around here. we are still getting settled in our new house, but we are working hard on getting everything organized and in its proper place. we have purged sooo much stuff too. it is insane the amount of "stuff" we have accumulated in the past 5 years. and more importantly little malcolm in his short two and a half years on this planet. he had way too much stuff, it was starting to consume our house, haha.

i've been collecting things since the move, cleaning out the kids closets of unwanted and outgrown items, and getting them tagged for the local kids exchange that happens twice a year in raleigh. we dropped off all of our stuff last night, and tomorrow we will be shopping the sale for new things at bargain prices. but don't worry, there is no way that we could ever bring home close to the amount of stuff that we are selling. and here's hoping that most of our items do sell, so that we won't have to bring them back home again. i'm mostly interested in clothes and a few things for malcolm (a bed rail). i will post about what we scored after the weekend.

i will also do my best to post a friday favorites book this week. i meant to do one last friday, but all of my books are still packed away in boxes. oh moving, how you have exhausted me ;)


  1. Did I hear you say, "Hopefully we will have another baby?" Wooo hooo!!!

    Can you guys work on that sooner than later? I like that our boys are close in age, it would be great if the next set was also. k, thanks. LOL.

    No seriously, that would be so fun!

    P.s. Come to Utah next week. I will be there.

  2. haha, yeah jeanie we are hoping to... but i don't know how soon. i would love to get pregnant right away, so we'll see. but we have to figure out some sort of insurance before we do.

    and yes, i want to be in slc next week too. sigh. i pretty much envy your life right now <3