Wednesday, June 30, 2010


alanna headed off to 4H camp on sunday morning. the house is so quiet without her here. malcolm keeps asking where she is. we are starting to miss her... but i'm sure she is delighted to be away, haha. it's been raining a bit in raleigh this week, so i wonder if she has been rained on as well? her camp is a couple hours from us, towards the mountains. they are supposed to camp out under the stars one night, so i hope that didn't get rained out. anyway, here are a couple photos that dan took when they dropped her off at the bus.

on sunday afternoon, malcolm and i went to a birthday party at my friend lana's house, for her daughter addison who is turning two. you can compare photos from last year here. it's crazy how much they have grown up in a year. funny that malcolm still fits in those swim trunks. last summer they were a little big, this summer they are a little snug. we had a lot of fun, and the kids had a blast playing in the water.

addison is so cute, and so sweet. makes me want a little girl again (sorry danny).

it was a busy party, there were lots of adults there, and most of them i did not know. so i kind of just sat on the sideline and watched the kids play etc. but it was nice to see lana in a good mood, and enjoying herself. a week and a half ago her father was killed in a motorcycle accident. which is so sad and so tragic. i know it has been really hard on her, and that she has had a terrible couple of weeks. so i am glad that she was able to celebrate her daughters special day with lots of her friends, and have a good time.

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