Thursday, June 3, 2010

some good and some bad

this is the start of our very first homegrown vegetable!! last month vicky brought over a bunch of little veggies that she planted in their own pots, so that we could have a "garden" of our own this year. we are planning on moving soon, and our yard is terrible (to say the least), so i've never even thought of planting anything out in it. but these little pots of plants are great. and they are portable, so they were easy to move up onto the back deck last weekend when we were hit by a crazy downpour, which almost broke their fragile little stems. we thought that maybe they had been harmed, but i think all the rain actually did them good. if you look to the right of the big bloom, you can see the tiny start of a burpless cucumber. yum! thanks again vicky!

while we were in the yard today, we found tons of wild mushrooms all over the place. and they were huge. it was pretty cool, and malcolm liked squishing them. we went for a stroll around the neighborhood, and i saw an entire yard covered with hundreds of them. it was crazy! i wish i had brought my camera. i guess all the rain and moisture has made them sprout so quickly?

this one was perfectly round and bright red! at first i thought it was a stray neighbors ball.

while on our walk, we also saw tons of fireflies! this week is the first that i have seen them out this year. i looooove them so much! there were a few wild bunnies. lots of squirrels (one i saw in a tree, with one of those bright red mushrooms in it's mouth!) the mimosa trees are in bloom, which seriously smell amazing! and the magnolia trees too, which are beautiful. i will be sure to take my camera on the next stroll. it is lovely out right now... but oh boy is the humidity already so high. i was sweating like a pig by the time we got back up our street.

and for the bad news. the baby birds did not make it. on tuesday one of the eggs hatched, and there was the cutest tiny little birdie in the nest. we saw it lift it's head and open it's bright yellow beak for food. so sweet. yesterday it was still moving around just fine. but the other two eggs never hatched. then today i noticed that the mama bird was not in the nest at all. and i couldn't really see the baby bird either. all day long i peeked out the window, and she was never there. so i went out in the yard to try and sneak some photos, to see if the baby was still in the nest. it isn't. baby birdie is gone, and mama has abandoned her nest. i think either it fell out, and got lost in the thick underbrush (we looked but couldn't see anything. it's a mess under there), or maybe another bird got it. we've had some nasty black crows in the yard lately. maybe one ate it. so sad. so, very sad. this is all that is left.

we did figure out what type of birds they were, thanks to vicky. the mama was a gray catbird. i hope that we will have another nest near us again in the future, that is viable. it was fun watching the nest be built, all the time and work that the mother bird put into it. and those little blue eggs were adorable. what a shame.

i'll end this post with one more good thing, i didn't mean to be a debbi downer, haha. i believe that we have found a new rental house! we are almost certain that we want to move into another house that is actually in our neighborhood. and the owner has already said that it is ours if we choose to move into it. so we will decide, and then sign the lease at the beginning of next week? i'll keep you all posted. finally! hunting is awful. absolutely awful. :)


  1. <3<3<3 if i was there i'd help with all the moves going on ...i hope that that house works out for you guys...and oh do i wish i was there for fireflies...... im trying to convince lorenzo to come with me and visit later this summer but we'll see ;) hahaha

  2. yay how exciting! great pictures =)

  3. I want to see fireflies! That sounds awesome. The mushrooms sound rad too. But I am not jealous at all of the humidity - yikes!

  4. fingers crossed the house hunting is done now and you guys can get the move you want...
    sorry i havent posted much lately BUT i have been reading and keeping up ;]

    glad you guys are all OK and doing great