Wednesday, June 2, 2010


it's almost thursday, and i feel like i have just now recovered from the weekend! wow, it was a busy and exhausting one. i had daydreamed about having a pedicure, getting a soy frappuccino, and then going to see sex & the city 2... but no, that is far from how i spent the three day holiday weekend, haha.

on friday malcolm started "the mysterious benedict society"...

and finished it in one sitting! (not really, but these photos made me smile)

can you tell that alanna loves to have her photo taken? :)

sweet hugs for big sister

on friday, danny got word that he would be able to break his lease (with no problems) and move his shop to a new location. he has been looking for a new shop for a few months now, and he finally found a good one about 5 minutes from our house that is in great shape, and is much less than what he has been paying for the past couple of years. we are all pretty excited about it. but he was less than excited about the move. and he had to be out of his current location by this tuesday (yesterday), the 1st. so most of this weekend he spent packing up, moving, and unloading his entire screen printing shop, all of the seventh dagger back stock, garrett's wood shop and painting supplies, and tommy's office/thr back stock. ugh. it was a huge job, and a lot of work.

so since saturday he was busy working all day, i spent the day with the kids and we went to the mall and old navy to do some summer clothes shopping for alanna. we were there for four hours, and it was so tiring. malcolm refused to nap, and got pretty impatient and cranky. but alanna found lots of cute tops for some great prices.

on sunday we all went to danny's sister catherine's house to celebrate her birthday (which was last week) with the whole family. this was the first time that we have been out to her place. she has a nice house with a nice yard about 30 minutes out of raleigh. her neighborhood has a private pool, so we took the kids swimming before we bbq'd. it was really hot that day, so the cool water of the pool was nice. but the other people there were a bit obnoxious, so we didn't stay long.

malcolm loved floating around in his turtle raft.

alanna working on her "tan", haha. she has been blessed with my pasty white complexion.

wait, they both have :)
(we are all about our sunblock too! no tans here)

back at catherine and billy's house. malcolm liked brushing their dog charlie.

we spent most of the day in the back yard, where we enjoyed grilled boca burgers, veggie dogs, potato salad, baked beans, and couscous. yum! oh, and the most delicious pistachio cake made by vicky! it was a nice day.

vicky brought the kids some motorized bubble guns, and malcolm lost it! he was out of control, it was pretty funny. he loved playing with them.

he ran around shooting any and everything with bubbles, haha

spending the day swimming, eating, and chasing malcolm around in the heat wiped me out. this is how i ended the day.

then after those two tiring days, on monday i spent the entire day chasing around 2 two year olds! danny got a uhaul, so monday was the day that they did the brunt of the move. danny shares his shop with his friend tommy, who also has a two year old (i've mentioned him here before), and his wife alicia is currently out of town in florida visiting her sister, so i took their son luc for the day while the guys moved. malcolm loved having him at our house to play. they were both really good together, and played nice. alanna had the day off of school, so i had her help with them too, which was great.

this is luc. he is a ham. whenever i took my camera out, he would hold perfectly still until i took his picture. i wish malcolm would do that!

we went out and explored the yard

it was hot, so we spent most of the day playing inside

but after about 8 hours (and no naps!), both boys were tired and cranky. luc cried a lot because he wanted his daddy. so we all packed up and headed to the park to get out of the house, and to distract luc until tommy was ready to pick him up.

this is what they both looked like after about 10 minutes in the car.

i let them nap in the car for a while and i read a magazine. then they both started to stir, so it was time to play!

10 hours with two wild toddlers running non-stop is so exhausting! i can't believe how much energy they have! i think they had drained it all from me first, haha. i'm glad i have had the past two days to just chill out, and return to the normal day-to-day stuff. this post has also made me tired, so i think i will go to bed now.

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