Thursday, June 10, 2010

a late weekend post

this weekend started off kind of crappy. on friday i woke up with a terrible headache and a throbbing toothache. i have a molar that has been bothering me since september. i watched luc again for a few hours during the day, and the boys sure didn't help my poor head out, haha. luc wanted his dad, and cried on and off for him the entire time. then he took a spill off the little lightning mcqueen car, and cried until tommy came to pick him up. and malcolm didn't seem to want to share any toys that day, so they didn't play very well together at all. shame.

friday afternoon, danny headed to charlotte to stay the night at justin's house, and go to a show with him in south carolina. since he was gone, and i had had a rough day, i just vegged out after the kids went to bed, and watched slumdog millionaire... for the very first time. ever. alanna gave me the dvd for mothers day last year, but i never watched it until now. danny has had absolutely no desire to see it, since it got so much hype (he is strange when it comes to certain box office hits, or if it is considered a love story -then he wants nothing to do with it), so he would never watch it with me. i'm glad i finally took the time to watch it, it's a great movie! i loved it. husband, you are missing out.

saturday we didn't do much, just hung out around the house since i was still in pain. danny (and justin) didn't get back home until late in the evening, right before malcolm's bedtime. they had stopped to check out a comic book convention in charlotte before heading to raleigh. justin rode back with danny, spent the night at our house, and then took the train back to charlotte on sunday. danny brought us some delicious vegan food, and some goodies from heros con. what a sweet husband. i was glad to have him home.

sunday was really hot and windy. like really, really hot. but since we hadn't left the house in a couple of days, we figured we should spend the day out doing things around town. we needed to hit target to get diapers, so on the way we made a pit stop at the mall to let malcolm run around in this fountain. he had fun... for about 5 minutes. and then he wanted to leave, haha. maybe he was too hot? or maybe there were too many other kids around him? who knows. but it was nice watching him enjoy the water for the moment we were there.

after the mall and target, we stopped at the used book store. malcolm was asleep in his car seat, so i stayed in the car with him while alanna and danny found a few good things. then we headed over to the nc museum of art to fly some kites that we had also picked up while at target. there is a big open grassy area behind the museum that was perfect for running with a kite. danny got his in the air almost instantly. and alanna flew one too, while malcolm and i ran around the grass -and sweated. so much. it was really hot.

we wanted to go in the new museum addition that had just opened in april, but it was already closed by the time we had arrived. malcolm was running around like a madman, and since it was so hot out, we went on a search for some water. we found this, haha.

then we took a rest under a tree while we waited for danny and alanna to meet us at the car.

right before we got in the car, danny asked malcolm if he wanted to hold the kite string. he didn't really seem interested in the kites at all, i guess he's still too young? but danny handed him the string anyway. he held it for two seconds, and then let go. the kite immediately flew away. danny was pissed. and sad. he really liked flying that kite, and was super bummed that it was now blowing away. it got caught on a wire above us, and we stood there in silence for a few minutes, watching it fly, before driving away. what a bummer.

on monday the weather was so much better. like almost 20 degrees cooler out. after alanna got out of school, we headed to danny's parents house to meet up and go to alanna's camp meeting. she will be going to 4H camp for the fourth year this summer (thanks again vicky!) when we pulled up to the building where the meeting was held, we saw this:

those are huge buzzards up on top of the water tower! they were sun bathing, and spreading their giant wings. it's hard to tell here, but it was crazy just how big they actually were.

after the camp meeting, we went out for mexican. malcolm loves lemons, haha.

and then we spent some time out in dan and vicky's yard. their butterfly bush is in bloom, and it smells wonderful (the flash washed this photo out)

alanna bouncing a ball off of malcolm's head (naughty!)

george (in back) and gracie

on tuesday morning i went back out to their house. danny convinced me to finally make an appointment with a dentist to have my tooth checked out. so i dropped malcolm off with dan and vicky, and headed to the dreaded dentist. turns out i have a bad molar. the last one on the top right side of my mouth. so my options are 1) have an extensive root canal that will require going to a specialist, and then getting a crown (no insurance = expensive!) or 2) have it pulled (cheap). it has stopped hurting, so right now i am going to hold off on making any decisions. but i did ask my family for their opinions, and i polled my friends on facebook, and it seems like most votes are to just have it pulled. that is probably what i will do.

malcolm had a lot of fun with vicky while i was at my short appointment. after i was done, she made me lunch, and then we went out in the yard. there were bumblebees and a beautiful butterfly on the bush. so pretty.

and vicky got malcolm water guns, which he loved squirting!

here he is watching satellite tv, right before we left to pick up alanna from school. he was just sitting there silently... which is pretty rare. maybe we should invest in getting cable tv?! haha.

sorry it took so long for me to post this. i have had the hardest time uploading my photos to blogger this week. it took me almost three days to get these all up. anyone else having trouble with their blogs?


  1. You've got such great pictures Lauren! Each one is unique and different..I especially love the kite flying ones. :)

  2. I love Slumdog! Watched it for the second time the other day. Too bad about the kite! Provides a good idea for a present for Danny, at least :)
    Glad you guys are doing well & hope your tooth is fixed soon!
    - Lianna