Monday, June 14, 2010

lake jordan

the hot summer weather is sneaking up on us fast! it is already in the mid 90's here, so yesterday we decided to take a quick trip to the lake to swim. we usually go to one out near danny's folks house, but last year and i guess already again this season it has been closed due to bacteria and e-coli in the water. gross! so instead we went to one we've never been to before. it was so crowded, and the people there were frightening, to say the least. but despite all of that mess, we had fun in the water. we spent an hour and a half in the lake, and it was nice to cool off. i doubt we will go back there again. unless it is on a weekday when there might not be so many hoards of locals. and they do have camping sites, which offer a private beach for campers only, so we thought about maybe doing that too sometime?

i only took a few photos, since we didn't stay long.
malcolm looks super bummed in this first one, but i swear he enjoyed it there. i think he was just tired and hungry by the time we left.

alanna always knows how to make a photo lovely! she did that face for a whole minute while i was trying to get a good photo, haha.

*i was very careful to apply sunblock to malcolm and myself. alanna insisted she didn't need any. and danny never puts any on himself either. much to my disliking. i always tell them to put it on, and they rarely listen to me. last night we all realized just how sunburnt they both are! tisk, tisk. mother always knows best!*


  1. it!!! Yes, mothers do always know best! :)

  2. you should make danny wear some even if he desnt want to...if only to keep that nasty UV away from his ink i realized i havent commented you in like, what...2+ months :[