Monday, June 14, 2010

it's official

we're moving!

we signed the lease today on that house that i had mentioned a while back. we are to be all moved in by july 1st. yikes! this is gonna be a busy next couple weeks for us. this week alanna is taking art classes in the morning. next weekend is fathers day. the weekend after that is our wedding anniversary, and also the start of alanna's week at camp! she will actually be gone during the end of the move, so she is starting to pack up her room now.

i will need to clean the new (to us) house thoroughly before we can start to take things over there. and then once everything is all out of our current house, i will need to clean the crap out of this one as well. oh my!
just thinking about it makes me exhausted, haha. believe it or not, but i've only ever moved twice before in my life. the first time was a week after danny and i were married, when alanna and i moved from utah to north carolina. and then again when i was 8 months pregnant with malcolm, since we needed a house with a third bedroom. we plan on living in this new place for only a year, so i have another move to look forward to in 2011, haha. wish me luck.


  1. Congrats on the new house. I hope the move is a smooth transition. Wish I was closer, so I could help you with the cleaning... that is too much for one little lady!! xoxo

  2. thanks jeanie! i will be fine. just tired. i really just need help with keeping malcolm busy. i think i will do most of the work at night, while he is asleep.

  3. wish i could be there to help with all this business! i hope this new house is awesome for you guys...i can't wait to come seeeee it!