Friday, June 25, 2010

i'm still here

this is what malcolm is doing right now... and it's totally what i would love to be doing too, haha

oh boy, am i exhausted. i just wanted to do a quick post to let you all know that i am still alive. but maybe just barely. we are completely moved into our new place. we have slept here the past two nights, and today we actually used the shower. there are a few things left at the old house and in the garage, but we don't have to have it empty until the 1st. and i still need to do a bit of cleaning over there before we can give the keys back.

our current place looks like a bomb went off, there are piles of boxes everywhere. we are slowly but surely getting things organized and put away. and we have already purged tons of stuff for goodwill and to sell at the kids exchange in 2 weeks. we might even have a little yard sale too! it feels refreshing to get rid of so much stuff that is taking up space, and causing disorganization in our lives. but phew, is it tiring.

this new house has lots of storage, and the kitchen cabinets are fantastic. our old kitchen was awful, simply awful. so i am delighted to be living here. there are a few things that we don't love about it, but we will just have to get over that. and wow was it a mess. we seriously cleaned some of the nastiest stuff i'd ever seen before. the couple who lived here before us are the owners daughter and her fiance, and they must have never cleaned a thing. ever. it was horrific. but we scrubbed and disinfected and it is really nice now.

i will post lots of photos when it is looking livable... which might take a few months, haha. i need to do a post about last weekend and fathers day too. and i hope to be back to doing "friday favorites" next week.

i will end this with a HUGE thank you to dan & vicky, and also danny's sister catherine and our friend garrett. they helped us out SO much this week, and we really would have had the worst time moving over here without all their hard work. so thank you, thank you, thank you!! we love you and appreciate everything!

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  1. oh, they look so peaceful when they sleep, don't they?