Sunday, June 27, 2010

fathers day, wet 'n wild, anniversary

okay, so here is a recap of the past week. i'm gonna try and do my best to post more regularly and more often, so that each post isn't so long. sorry for the photo overload.

on fathers day we were going to work on moving and go grocery shopping... but i talked danny into playing hookie from chores and errands, and we went and saw toy story 3 instead. much better!
we loved the movie. it made me cry and cry. danny thought it was a little too sentimental, but he still enjoyed it. malcolm sat well for most of it, and he got pretty scared a couple times. we kept him preoccupied during the slower parts with a giant tub of popcorn, way too much soda (tisk, tisk) and dum dums, haha.

on monday vicky came over to help me pack and move stuff over to the new house. she was very helpful, and we got tons of stuff done. after we got the first load of boxes packed into my car, i went to slowly shut the tailgate, and i heard a loud pop and then a fizzing noise, and smoke and powder filled the air. it was crazy, and it scared the crap out of me. i was super confused for a minute until the dust finally settled, then i realized that the boxes had pushed up against a fire extinguisher that was back there, and it emptied it's entire contents all over the car. it was awful. what a mess! i have never had to clean up anything like that before. this picture doesn't quite show how much powder was back there. it blanketed every inch of the interior, and took forever to vacuum out. there is still some of it that i missed, and i don't think that my dyson will ever be the same.

the kids on monday night

on tuesday we decided to take a day off from cleaning and packing, and we went to the water park. we still had rain checks from last year that were due to expire on the 30th, and since alanna would be heading off to camp this weekend, we needed to use them before she was gone.

danny went with us this time in place of vicky. he was not a happy camper, and he described it as "his worst nightmare". haha. he had never been to a water park before. ever. (which i didn't know until we got there) so it was a shock to his system. he was not prepared, and he was totally bummed out. but by the end of the day, he was in a better mood. he enjoyed watching malcolm play in the kids pools, while i had fun with alanna on the water slides.

you might not be able to tell... but this is a massive bruise on my knee. a battle wound from moving, i suppose?!

it was really, really hot out

this little water slide totally traumatized malcolm. he cried the whole way down it. it was so sad.

but he really enjoyed walking around the wading pools

and the pretty lifeguard enjoyed watching him :)

this is face was me being pissed about some older kid who splashed malcolm right in the face, while his mother sat there and watched. it was shitty. some kids/parents suck so much.

we went down a kid-friendly water slide a few times

this lifeguard liked malcolm too!

and we ended the day with a slow trip down the lazy river. malcolm started to drift off, but was wide awake again when it was time to get out.

it was a fun trip, but i don't know if we will go back again. danny says he would much rather take us on a trip to the beach, than ever go back there again. and i agree, i'd rather go to the beach where there are less people surrounding us. and less chlorine. and more nature.

yesterday vicky came to the house to pick up alanna for her trip to camp. she always stays the night at their house, and then boards the bus to camp in the morning. she was really excited for camp this year. i hope she has a good week. since vicky was already coming out here, she was sweet enough to watch the kids for us so we could go out to eat lunch for our anniversary. we ate some tasty thai food. thanks again vicky!

i gave danny the new htc evo phone for fathers day. since it was a bit pricey, i didn't really get him an anniversary gift, which he didn't mind. not very romantic, be he absolutely loves this new phone, so i know he is happy.

this is the very thoughtful gift that danny gave me

remember my post about "i am a bunny"?! he made me my very own framed prints! how totally sweet, i love, love, love it! he just used one of the board books, and then found a frame that fit the images well. he tried to get one that would hold all four seasons, but he could only find ones with three spaces. but it's okay, i don't mind leaving summer out, it is my least favorite season since i don't like the heat and humidity, haha (although i do love the rain in the illustration). he says i can switch them out too. i cannot wait to find the perfect place to hang it in this new house. thank you so much danny.

and this may seem silly, but i got myself an anniversary gift too. i ordered this necklace awhile back, and it came in the mail last week. i LOVE it! it turned out perfect. i got it from lisa leonard designs and i chose the sweetheart tree because the 5th anniversary gift is wood. perfect indeed. there are a few other items on her site that i would love to order too. she makes very lovely pieces.

my parents sent us this, this week. we stayed at the new york, new york casino when we were married in las vegas. what a thoughtful postcard. thanks mom and dad! we love you guys.

after malcolm was in bed, danny and i ended the night with a little "bubbly" (italian soda) in our fancy glasses that we were given at the graceland wedding chapel. they were a gift from dannys parents, since they could not attend the ceremony. we joked about watching our vhs tape of the wedding... but opted to start season 6 of entourage instead, haha. it was a nice day :)


  1. Man, I hate crappy parents too. I'm sorry Malcolm got splashed in the face.
    Oh, and thanks for the heads up on Toy Story...
    and that necklace is adorable!


  2. Cute necklace!
    Miss you guys :)

  3. i love that necklace and the water fun is awesome alanna looks so darlin and malcolm cute a button!

  4. I love all of the thoughtfulness in your mother's card to you for your anniversary! That was so sweet of her. I see where you get your creativeness from. :)
    Also, I saw the link to Lisa Leonard's blog from your page one day...and I love, love, love her stuff. I think paul and I are going to order new wedding bands from her. I love the necklace that you bought. You need to have Danny give Paul some gift giving tips..haha. He does a good job! <3

  5. i cried when i saw toy story 3! it was really good, but it was bittersweet!

    that picture of malcolm drinking out of that water bottle is a new fav! looks like you had a lot of fun lady :)

  6. What sweet people you have for family members! Danny's present is adorable. Happy anniversary!!

  7. Wow, so much fun! I love the necklace!