Wednesday, May 26, 2010

yard finds

this afternoon we went out in the yard to play and explore.

(our house is on a hill, and our yard is on an incline)

there are bushes growing all along the front of our house. over a week ago i noticed a little grey bird building a nest in the bush that is just below one of malcolms bedroom windows. she used lots of grass, and pieces of old plastic. what a crafty little mama bird! then last sunday i spotted a few tiny blue eggs in the nest! so i've been looking out his window every day to see if they have hatched. it's been 9 days since she laid her eggs, and so far, no baby birdies yet. she sits on them constantly. if i peek out there and she is gone, she comes right back in an instant.

today while outside, i tried to peek at her from below, without disturbing her, but she saw me and dropped out of her nest fast. i figured that since she was already out of it, i would try and hold up my camera and snap a photo. this is what i got! look at those beautiful bright blue eggs! i hope they hatch soon!

we decided to stay away from that area of the yard, so that we wouldn't stress her out anymore (she was making crazy bird calls at me, because i was too close to her nest), so we went toward the street. and then we found a bunch of apples growing on one of our trees! last year there were tiny ones, but the birds ate them all before they got any bigger than the size of a walnut. these ones are lots bigger than that already, so hopefully they will be spared this year. we'll see. malcolm wanted me to pick one for him to eat, but they are still too small and would be too tart to eat just yet.

we actually found one more little one on the other smaller apple tree too. here's hoping the birds don't eat them all up before we can!


  1. Looking at your pictures makes me want to move to NC. So pretty!

  2. The yard is looking green and lovely!