Thursday, May 13, 2010

wow, it's thursday already?

i can't believe how fast this week has flown by. i still have this stupid cold, and it is making me feel like not doing much at all, including updating my blog. but despite not feeling good, i have been very busy this week with mail order and errands, etc. plus we are currently sharing one vehicle, ugh. it is really nice to not have any car payments (on top of our mountain of other bills), but having two totally unreliable cars is extremely inconvenient. it seems like we are constantly juggling between the two. one will break down, we will get it fixed, then the other one goes. it is a never-ending cycle. after malcolm was born, we actually went 8 months with only one car. we are grateful that danny's dad is able to help us fix most problems. but wouldn't it be grand to have just one car that was dependable?! maybe someday. anyway, enough about all of that, and on to the good stuff in life! here is what we were up to last weekend.

on friday, malcolm and i spent a lot of the day outside. the weather was great. the sun was shining, and it felt so nice on my skin.

on friday evening, alanna and i went downtown to artspace for first friday. our friend garrett (who lives in our basement) installed a new piece for the show. this is the second one he has done for this exhibit, and it is amazing. danny helped him hang it earlier in the day (plus the other one last month), so he stayed home with malcolm while we went to check them out. wow, they are huge, and so amazing! he is a very talented artist. he does these with hand-cut stencils, painted in layers. pretty freakin' awesome. look how big it is compared to alanna (she is about 5' 4")!

it was hard to get a good photo of both pieces, because they are hung in a hallway. they have so much detail that you cannot see unless you are right in front of them.

and we thought the little (huge) bunny was funny, so we took some fun photos too!

my friend lia took this one of me with her iphone, and sent it to danny and garrett, haha. she is the director of programs & exhibitions at artspace, so we got to see her there.

on saturday, we drove out to danny's parents house and dropped malcolm off with them. then danny, alanna, and i went and saw iron man 2. it was great! i just recently saw the first one, and i really liked it. we've all been looking forward to this second one. malcolm had fun hanging out with "gramma bicky" and "pop"!

vicky always makes yummy vegan treats! this was orange cake.

they took him to the park to play

after the movie, we all met up again in raleigh, for dinner with the family to celebrate mothers day.

sunday was pretty chill. since we don't ever really do much for mothers day, we had just planned on going grocery shopping (blah). but after a quick trip to costco, we decided to go to duke gardens in durham instead. alanna opted to stay home to work on homework, so it was just the boys and i. it was very nice out, and we had a good time. i was glad that i got to spend the day outside, instead of at the store.

we stopped and bought a cheap kite because there was a nice breeze, but we weren't very successful with getting it up in the air.

and we got bubbles too

malcolm liked climbing in all the bushes, and the bamboo

and we found a nice grassy spot where we could relax, and malcolm could roll around

i found these leaves that looked like hearts!

and i loved these big purple puffball flowers!

after the garden, we went to cosmic cantina for dinner. it was delicious, as usual. we always get the vegan platter with a side of chips. we ate out on the patio.

we also stopped at whole foods before heading home, and the lady at the register told me that i could get a pound of food from the salad/hot bar for free for mothers day! how nice. score for free food, and a nice day spent with my boys!


  1. Wow they totally painted that stairway ! how neat!!!!! Garrett is sooooo amazingly talented! those pics of his pieces BLEW me away! and the park looks like a blast!!!!!!! Miss you!

  2. You guys are always going to parks and doing fun stuff with Malcolm! I'm jealous. I want more time with Dexter :)
    I hope you feel better by next weekend! We want to hang and eat ZiZi's.

  3. haha awww danny and malcolm are so cute!x