Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sick of being sick

my weekend started off with flowers.

well, a beautiful flowered quilt, to be exact. i spotted this quilt around the web over the last few weeks (on a few different blogs), and i thought it looked so pretty, but i could never seem to find one in any local target stores. then on friday i went to one that i haven't been to lately (we have like 7 different target stores within 15 miles of our house... crazy, i know) and they had ONE! and it was a queen size! so i felt like it was meant for me. plus i've been hoarding away some birthday money that my dad gave me before we left utah last month, until i found something special to spend it on. yay for a lovely new quilt! the one currently on our bed was mine from waaay before i met danny. i love it, but over the past 5 years lucky dog has pretty much destroyed it with his nails. i am going to wait to put this new one on our bed until we can get his nails trimmed. i've never cut them myself. it scares me too much. i'm afraid i will cut them too short. anyway, the colors match all the artwork we have in our room. it's going to look so nice on our bed.

i started feeling kind of crappy on friday night, like in my head a little (which is why i skipped my friday favorite book. looking at a computer screen made my eyes want to bleed.) then saturday it got a little worse, and by sunday i was totally wiped out. i have a terrible cold. this is the sickest i've been in a long time. i very rarely get sick, most likely because of my awesome vegan diet. none of us ever really get sick actually, only an occasional cold here or there, but that's about it. so this illness hit me hard. i slept most of the day sunday, and danny played mr. mom, which was very sweet of him. he was a saint and took the kids and did all the grocery shopping for the week, which let me have some quiet time alone in the house (i slept most of it). it's really hard taking care of a very active toddler when you don't feel good. i could barely keep up with him. as of today i feel mostly better. but i still have a sore throat, a stupid cough, and i sound like i've been chain smoking my whole life. ugh. i hope it makes it's way out of my system soon. we didn't do anything fun over the weekend because i didn't feel good. but here are some some random pictures i wanted to post.

alanna and lucky took an after school nap together on friday. how cute!

malcolm and i did some exploring in the yard on friday evening. he found a bush covered with green berries, and had fun picking them off and throwing them at me :)

on saturday we took a quick trip to target to get alanna some index cards for school. we went down the outdoor toy isle, and alanna found this huge magnifying glass (meant for looking at bugs etc.) we thought it was hilarious how it made our heads look big, haha!

on sunday when danny and the kids got home from their grocery trip, they surprised me with an early mothers day gift. danny drove to the ends of the earth, to a walmart way outside of raleigh, to get the one and only weeride seat in town! i wanted one of these bad, so that malcolm and i could go for bike rides together, and i'm super excited that he found me one! it's sweet. he put it on my bike already, and we've used it a few times. since i am still sick, i only went for a short ride around the neighborhood. but alanna rode him once, and danny took him out twice. i plan on taking him out on it as much as i can this summer. sooo rad! thanks again husbandito!

here is alanna taking malcolm out for a spin

of course malcolm needed a helmet to wear on these rides, and alanna found the cutest one ever while they were at walmart. i love that damn caterpillar. he loves the helmet so much, that he wants to wear it inside the house too. i'm glad he didn't complain about having to wear it.

so that was our weekend. let's hope we do lots of fun stuff next weekend to make up for this bummer one.

in completely unrelated news, my parents are currently on a trip to arizona with my aunt and uncle. they are staying in scottsdale. i talked to my mom last night for a while, and they are having a great time. i wish we could be there with them, enjoying the beautiful desert weather. but our weather is nice too, so i can't complain too much. they drove down from salt lake city in their brand new car! remember how i totaled their old accord? well, they definitely upgraded to a much nicer crv. here is a photo my mom emailed me. pretty fancy! maybe i did them a favor after all? :)

my friend kate posted these photos on facebook for me a couple days ago. this was from when we had brunch at the vertical diner in salt lake. look at malcolm's crazy hair! danny says he looks like a jonas brother, haha. this one has jason and kate in it.

and this one has kate and my brother brad. malcolm is so funny.

and lastly, here are a few photos i got from dan and vicky. they took these at our birthday/easter get-together a couple weeks ago, but i got them late and never got to post them until now.

what a stud!

getting ready for dessert!

putting a flower in my hair. what a sweet lil' man!


  1. The photo of Alanna and Malcolm on the bike is soo cute! You guys live in SUCH a beautiful place. Arizona is horrible, its ALWAYS too warm (even when its "nice") and the scenery is awful. 99% of the time its too freaking hot to do anything outside (like go on nice family bike rides). I am very jealous.

  2. Hi, I love the quilt it is beautiful!

    Happy Mothers Day for Sunday...x

  3. What fun photos! It looks like you guys always have THE best time, even when doing the simplest things.

    I'm sorry you've been sick. I started not feeling so hot last week and though I thought I had it beat, I'm feeling super sucky today. Hooray for Danny taking care of the kids so you could rest! I remember how hard it was taking care of Alden when I was alone and sick, but now I have Austin and he's a good helper. It's WAY hard being a sick mom. Get better soon!!

  4. That bike seat is so cool!
    I also love the quilt. We want to get new bedroom furniture and new bedding, but I refuse to until Bateman no longer sleeps on the bed and lays in it ALL day. His nails aren't our problem, it's his messy food mouth! And, he chews on the comforter sometimes.

  5. I love the quilt!

    You guys are just the cutest family ever :) x