Friday, May 21, 2010

the park

on wednesday i took malcolm to the park. it was the first time we had left home to go outside and play in over a week. with the combination of me not feeling good, some really hot nc weather, and then lots of heavy rain over the weekend, we had been spending a lot of time inside... and we were getting cranky and stir-crazy. the weather has been great this week, since the rain has stopped. lovely, perfect may weather. so our trip to the park was really nice.

when we got there, there were no other kids on the playground. malcolm and i played on it alone for about 30 minutes. slowly a few children arrived, and then all of a sudden there were tons of kids running all around, screaming and playing. malcolm was the youngest one there, and he was having a blast chasing the big kids. he yelled "hi!" at all of them at least 10 times, haha. some of them ignored him, and one was kind of snotty and shoo-ed him away. but he just kept on trying to play along. it was really cute. he is pretty independent, and i'm glad that he didn't get his feelings hurt when those kids didn't want to play.

there was an older boy there, he must have lived nearby because he wasn't with a parent, and i'm guessing he was about 10? he was gathering all the kids together to play hide-and-seek tag, and he was very careful to include malcolm. he helped him find good hiding places, and told him to run away when the other kids were looking for someone to tag. i just stood at the side and watched. i heard him say to malcolm that he thought he was cute. malcolm came over to me, and after the boy realized that i was his mom, he came over to tell me how cute and nice he thought malcolm was. when it was time for the boy to leave, he gave malcolm high-fives, and then came over to me again and said, "you raise him up good! he is a really good little kid. probably the best little kid i've ever seen!" it was so nice to hear. it really, truly made my day. not only because it made me proud of malcolm (which i am!), but it also made me happy to see that there are other kids out there who are also being raised well. many of the kids out here are spoiled brats, were never taught any manners, and are mean. but this boy was so sweet, and polite, and had a great attitude. very cool.

here are a bunch of photos i took while we were playing alone.

(M for malcolm!)

going up...

...coming down!

this is the face he always makes when i say, "say cheese!", haha!

i would also like to point out that he has on two tee shirts. after i got him dressed, he came in with another shirt and put it over his own head, so i let him wear it too. it's actually a hand-me-down from alanna and is too big for him right now. but he loves to wear it, so whatever. funny guy.

on thursday afternoon, we went back to play some more. this time we met up with our friends alicia and luc. the boys had fun running around together. this is the only photo i managed to get of the two of them together. cute, wild little boys.

we are looking forward to a pretty fun weekend. i hope yours is good too! :)


  1. I totally know what you mean, about kids not having manners today. I love when other kids are polite. I try really hard to teach my boys to be polite and respectful. You have done a great job with both of your kids you should be proud.

  2. Thank you Lauren. What would I do without your blog?
    Much love, Mom