Friday, May 28, 2010

friday favorite: in my...

malcolm is loving the new play rug that we got him at ikea last weekend. he wants to spend a lot of time in his room now. he has never wanted to play in there quite as much as he has this past week. pretty funny. so we've been reading a lot of his board books instead of the picture books that i keep (safe) in my bedroom.

he has lots of fun board books, so this week i decided to feature something for the younger crowd. a few of our favorites are the in my... books by sara gillingham, illustrated by lorena siminovich, for petit collage. these stories are really simple, the artwork is oh so cute, and they are very well made. malcolm loves the little finger puppet animals, so does alanna... and i do too! they are fun and easy to read.

i ordered ours here right before the holidays, and gave them to malcolm for christmas. i really like everything this site sells, they have such fun, bright, and unique decor for kids. and if you join their mailing list, they will send you emails about specials and new items (i used a discount code to buy all four books, and they also offered free shipping... score!) it looks like they have two new books, so i will have to pick them up soon too. i just took these images off of their website, since it was easier than taking my own photos. you can also pick these books up at borders and many other book stores.

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