Monday, April 26, 2010


on saturday, we went to a local farm to pick strawberries! it was so much fun. the weather was perfect, it was overcast and a little warm, but not too hot. it started to rain right after we left, so we went at just the right time. the strawberry patch is located out near danny's folks house. vicky has taken alanna there before in past years, but this was my very first time. we all had a really good time. boy oh boy do fresh strawberries taste sooo much better than store bought ones. usually the ones out here come all the way from california. can you imagine?

when i was a kid, my family went to oregon one summer to visit relatives, and we spent a whole day picking blueberries. it was awful. i was pretty young, and i remember being so sore and tired and stained when we had finished, that i never wanted to do anything like that again. and it took me years to even want to try and eat another blueberry - i only recently started to enjoy them again. but this trip was much more enjoyable. and the work was easy and rewarding. we filled our boxes pretty quickly, and now we have sooo many yummy strawberries to eat. saturday night i worked until past midnight washing, hulling, and bagging them to be frozen. thanks again vicky for taking us! here are tons of photos i took while we were there :)

malcolm wasn't very helpful. the ones he did pick, ended up in his mouth instead of the box! he calls them strawbees, and he loves to eat them.

he wanted to explore, rather than pick, so we went for a little walk around the back of the field.

these bushes will be covered in blackberries soon! there are rows and rows of them. we plan on going back for some when they are ready to be picked.

after our boxes were full, we had a little fun with this cutout
(click on image to enlarge)

here is our bounty! we took two boxes home with us, and vicky kept one box and the basket. holy moly!

i can't believe he was still eating more!

what a lovely place

a cute little bench painted like a strawberry

after all that picking we went out to eat at the local mexican restaurant in the next town over. then we spent the rest of the evening hanging out at the parents house. it was a very nice chill day. vicky has tons of these beauties growing all around her patio area. she cut these for me to take home.

i enjoyed a bowl full, topped with soyatoo rice whip! yum!

on sunday danny made strawberry pancakes. they were amazing! we also froze some of these to eat for breakfast this week.

we didn't do much on sunday, just ran a few errands, and spent most of the day at home. while we were out we did stop at an area starbucks to see if they had the new vegan frappuccinos, and to our delight, they did! holy crap, it was delicious! i'm gonna be in trouble now, haha. what a great relaxed weekend :)


  1. i pretty much love this post ...those berries looook delish!

  2. mmmm-strawbeeeees look delicious! Especially the pancakes.

  3. :) this is awesome!! We went strawberry picking when I was little - I can still remember it! Yum to Mexican after strawberries and vegan frappuccinos? I didn't even know they made em! What an awesome day :)

  4. i love the first one of malcolm stuffing the berries in his face!

    i can't wait to try the vegan frap..i picked a bad time to be on a little diet haha.