Saturday, April 10, 2010

salt lake city trip (part 1)

our trip started very early in the morning. we were up at 3:20 am, then out of the house and to the airport by 4:30 am. our first flight left at 6:00 am, and we all slept for most of it, malcolm included. we had a quick layover in tx, and then got back on another plane. malcolm was pretty good on the second flight. we watched "flushed away" (one of our favorites), colored, played with stickers, and ate lots of snacks. he got a little restless during the last hour, so we let him out of his seat and he climbed around for a bit. the 7 hours it takes to travel across the country is pretty exhausting. but it sure beats the 5 days it took us to drive across when we moved to nc.

this is how you keep a toddler entertained during a long flight :)

he was wiped out when we finally landed in utah

we spent the first and second days recovering, and eating del taco, haha. i had major jet-lag, and felt like my head might explode. but i slept it off, and felt much better after a nice long nap.

on day two, i went to the salon with my mom to have her nails done, and i got my very first pedicure ever. why have i never had one before?! it was awesome. and boy oh boy did my feet need the treatment. the lady had to literally shave dead skin off my heals. wearing crocs sure did a number on my feet (yes, i totally wear crocs! but cute ones, i promise). i think i need to add pedi's to my regular routine.

then danny spent the evening with his friend james who recently moved to slc from new york. they had coffee, shopped at a local record store, and saw a documentary at the local theater about black metal. holy ultimate dudes hangout, ha. the kids and i spent our time hanging out at the house with my folks.

on day three we ate taco time for lunch, then took a trip up to kelly's bakery and got tons of yummy vegan treats. pictured are the ones that fit in the box... we got even more than that!

that evening we had a ladies movie night. my mom, sister, aunt earlene, alanna, and i all went and saw "alice in wonderland" in 3d, and it was a lot of fun. we all liked the movie. i went to it with low expectations, but i was pleasantly surprised. there were a few cheesy parts (the dance?!), and the white queen totally bothered me, but that's probably because i can't stand anne hathaway.

on saturday we all took a day trip to idaho. my father was born and raised in a very small town just above the utah/idaho border, and when i was a kid my brother and i spent a few summers up there visiting my grandmother. i haven't been back up since she died when i was 15, 15 years ago. it was fun to see her old property. plus danny had never been to idaho, so he liked seeing how rural it is.

on the drive up

we went to lava hot springs to soak in the hot pools. when i was a kid we often went there during the winter months. they've changed a few things since way back then, but the water felt as good as i remembered.

trains rumbled past us on the mountainside

the air was pretty brisk once we left the toasty warm water

after we'd all turned into prunes, we got cleaned up and dressed, and walked up the hill to have a picnic lunch. it was a beautiful day to spend outside.

the view of the pools from up above. love that bright blue sky!

malcolm thinks he is big enough to lose the car seat, haha

then we stopped by the hart family property. my parents and brother own an old run-down house on the lot next door to where my dad grew up. they plan on restoring it soon. and my cousin now lives in the spot where my grandparents house had once been. she and her husband built a much larger house in the same spot as the old one, and she showed me all around it. i took a few photos, but the sun was low, and the light was really weird, so none of them turned out. shame. but here are a few others.

my uncle jake (r.i.p.) built this castle for my grandmother many years ago. my brother and i and two of our childhood friends painted it on a visit in maybe 1992? it still looks the same :)

the old garage and apartment we liked to play in as kids. it still looks the same as well.

and our old tree house. we spent a lot of time playing in this tree. i loved it dearly. it is in really bad shape now.

heading back home

the view of the wasatch front, on I-15 headed south near brigham city

on sunday morning alanna went to church with my parents, so danny and i got coffee and took malcolm to the park. it was a little cold and windy, but malcolm liked running around outside.

here he is soaking up the sun

he was trying to shove danny down the slide saying "shoo", it was funny

i actually caught a good photo of them together...

...and then he was off!
(i love the view of the mountains behind the playground)

we picked up alanna and headed downtown to a little local craft fair that is put on once a month by a few old friends of mine. i saw lots of friends there, a few were selling their handmade goods, and a few met up with us just to hang. we got hotdogs and riblet sandwiches from the all vegan hotdog cart, found a place to sit and eat, and malcolm ran around with kelly's son django. they were so cute together, and they played really well. i think they were meant to be friends (wish we all lived closer together).

malcolm and troy

that evening the kids stayed with my folks, and danny and i went on a date. we saw "hot tub time machine", which was hilarious! and then got breakfast for dinner at the vertical diner. it is currently my favorite place to eat in salt lake city, and our food was delicious. danny hates having his picture taken, but we got dressed up for the occasion, so i snapped this one at the diner.

when we got home, he obliged and actually let my mom attempt to take a good one of both us in our fancy digs. here are the best (not-so-good) shots, haha

we always end up with some crazy faces?!

then he tried to eat me (like usual), and i laughed so hard i had tears in my eyes

we tried to hold in our laughs, and i thought this one actually turned out okay, until i noticed the little troll under the stairs (alanna)!! seriously?! hahaha!

danny left on monday at noon, so the kids and i took him to breakfast at the diner again before heading to the airport. nothing better than eating their food two meals in a row!

malcolm looks stuffed! but he ended up eating both of those pancakes.

this took me a long time to post, so i am going to end it here. i will make another one with photos from the second half of our trip (after danny left) soon. i hope you enjoyed reading about it so far...


  1. love all of the pictures. utah looks so beautiful with those snow capped mountains in the background. loved hearing about the hot springs. i've never heard of a place like this..looks awesome!

  2. I can't believe you've never had a pedicure before! haha!
    You guys looked like you had a great trip!