Friday, April 16, 2010

our week (since we've been home)

here's what we've been up to, since we got back from utah.

while we were still out of town, raleigh decided to get really hot. and then all the trees released their pollen. ewww. so we returned to a yard/house/car blanketed with a disgusting yellow layer, and literal tumbleweeds of pollen covering everything. i love spring, and i love all our big trees, but i do not love the pollen out here. salt lake city had been so cold, so it was crazy to come home to 80 degree weather. malcolm wore his first pair of shorts for the year.

can you see the layer of pollen?

but with the pollen, also come caterpillars! and lots of them!

danny's birthday was on the 8th (one day before mine). we had an appointment to have our taxes done that afternoon, so we headed out to the town where his parents live and where our accountant is also located. 2009 turned out to be a pretty amazing year for us - refund wise. hooray! what a great birthday present, haha. after that, we went to dinner with his mother. i gave him an LP he wanted, that he had decided not to get while in slc, but had mentioned to me. and a new vinyl hellboy toy to add to his (huge) collection.

on my birthday, we didn't do much, because danny had a large print job to finish up. i took the kids to the shop, we helped fold shirts (malcolm got into trouble), and then hung out until the order was picked up. after that, we all went to eat at zpizza. garrett also joined us. it was delicious, like always.

danny gave me this gift card! :)
plus he also got me a two pack of "the price is right" & "family feud" games for the wii. yes, i'm an old lady, and i love game shows!

on saturday, we shaved malcolms head. since it is already getting so warm out, he needed a summer friendly haircut. plus it was pretty long and wild, so it was kind of nice to see it all go. and we can let it grow back again next fall/winter.

here is the before:

there was actually more hair than that! keep reading for the after photos.

on sunday we went out to danny's parents house, for a late easter/birthday(s) get-together. vicky made us all easter baskets, she served us yummy homemade vegan lasagna, and way too much delicious dessert! the weather was perfect out, so we spent a lot of the day in the sunshine. it was a lovely time.

blowing dandelions

malcolm found his easter basket!

crazy compton

blowing bubbles

tiramisu, chocolate pudding pie, and a chocolate birthday cake covered in strawberries!

after all that food and dessert, we went for a little walk

we found this funny flyer! oh, north carolina, haha

dan let malcolm ride his motorcycle

and then he let danny ride one too!

malcolm loves playing with "uncle" compton

helping grandpa clean up

on monday evening malcolm and i went out to explore the yard. the sun was setting, and the trees looked awesome in the bright low light.

the caterpillars are starting to get huge, and fuzzy!

on wednesday night, i went out to dinner with a few girl friends. lia, christina, and lana took me out to celebrate my birthday. we ate thai and had some good conversation, which didn't consist solely of kid-related things. it was nice. i am pretty starved for kid-free female adult interaction, so it was a much needed hangout. we are going to try and have a movie night soon too.

they gave me a bunch of sweet gifts!

lana got me this gift box full of lush products. i've heard so many great things about this company, and i know a few people who looove their products, but i have never bought anything lush for myself before. it smells so good, and now it has made my whole bathroom smell good too. yay! thanks again lana :)

lia and christina gave me pretty tulips, some really nice bath products that were made locally (rad!), tea lights and a burner (for a relaxing soak in the tub), and these huge adorable cupcakes!

holy frosting!!

it was really nice of them to get me all that stuff. i love birthdays!

yesterday danny left the shop early, and we drove out to urban outfitters (about 30 min away) to use my gift card. why is it that whenever he gets me one from there, i have the hardest time finding anything that i like... and that fits!?
i love that store. they had tons of cute dresses (i'd like to start wearing them more often), but they were all waaay too short. bummer. i like them to hit me at the knee, and i could not find any.

but i did find a pair of shoes that i saw online and wanted, and they were on clearance! so i got these, and we will go back again later when they have new stuff, to spend the rest.

we also stopped in barnes and noble

lucky got a new bed earlier this week. it makes him smell like cedar :)

today we went out exploring again. but it was hot. like 83 degrees out. ugh. it's too early for it to be this warm, i think. we found this little (big) guy.

i was trying to get a photo of me with the flowers in our yard. then this gust of wind blew my hair all over, it was funny. this last photo somehow makes me look old and young all at the same time. maybe i should start wearing makeup, so that i will look my age?!

i love this lil' guy!

speaking of funny photos, i got my new drivers license in the mail today. oh my, what a terrible photo. yikes! and i get to keep it for 8 years!

and last but not least, i also got a little package today from my friend bethany! she made the card, using one of her photographs. and i totally didn't already have these playing cards, so i'm excited to add something new to my (already huge) tim burton collection! thanks beth :)


  1. all the lovely gifts...i can not wait for my birthday! enjoy them...and the cupcake's look sooooooooooo yummy!

  2. YAY!!!!! Glad you got them!! Looks like a allergy fest there with all that pollen but the catapillars are RRRRAAAADDD!!!! and im totally gonna check out that NAKED cosmetics line!

  3. I love little skinhead Malcolm! So cute!

    I am coming to live with you and your family, you always have such amazing food, it makes me hungry!

    Love all the caterpillars too :) x

  4. WOW
    i've been a bit slack lately and i thought you wouldnt have posted much...but you totally have!!
    it took a while to get through your posts aha

    glad you had such a nice time (except for totalling the car! bad times, glad you're all OK)

    utah looks like such an interesting place to explore. and those mountains are gorgeous

    spring has most definitely sprung! and i see the weather for you is lovely to!
    hayfever is rubbish though (i get it bleh) and LUSH is awesome haha they do some really sweet stuff.

    glad you and danny had great birthdays to :]

  5. the price is right and family fued is the shit! i watch (and yes, i am guilty of recording) both! i wish bob barker was still around... i hate drew carey!

    awww malcolms cute lil mop is gone! but he's a babe even with a shaved head!

  6. Both your birthdays sound like they were great! I think it's cute your mil makes you guys lots of vegan treats. And those caterpillars are nuts.
    I added you to my blog too!

  7. Holy caterpillar! Those are so stinkin' cool.
    You are looking beautiful Lauren! i'm glad you had a nice bday!