Friday, April 23, 2010

friday favorite: the berenstain bears and the spooky old tree

it has been a few weeks since i did one of these posts, and i'm not really sure if anyone reads (or enjoys) them anyway? but here is my book pick of the week! today i chose the berenstain bears and the spooky old tree by stan and jan berenstain.

i absolutely adored this story as a child. i hope that you have already seen this book, or that maybe you grew up with it like i did. if not, please go find a copy and read it to your children! i remember getting a little scared and a little excited all at the same time, every single time we would read it. and even though i knew what was going to happen (we read it over and over and over again), i still anticipated turning each page. it is such a simple and fun story. and the illustrations are great. i really enjoy all of the berenstain bears stories (and the pbs program too), but this one is by far the best!

i have the same book that i read as a child. alanna loved reading it with me, and now it is also one of malcolm's favorites. my copy actually belongs to my sister natalie (her name is in the front cover), but since i'm the only one with children, it made it's way to nc with us. maybe someday i will be able to send it back to her?! - don't worry natalie, we are giving it lots of love out here :)

did you read this story as a child?! and if so, did it make you feel a little bit scared? :)


  1. I LOVE THE BEARS.....
    read these books when i was a youngin!

    oh and im ...bethany bear

  2. Oh my goodness, I loved these books growing up! So awesome. You brought back so many memories :)

  3. I loved this book! I completely forgot all about it. You've got me itching to find it now! :)
    Your book posts are the best. xo