Monday, March 22, 2010

whimpy kid, food, family, & treats

we had a very low-key weekend, just hanging out with family and eating good food. i didn't really take any photos either, which is strange. but it was nice to not have to upload a bunch of photos here today, haha. friday we just hung out at home, and the kids and i did a little bit of yard work.

on saturday at noon, alanna and i went to see diary of a whimpy kid in the theater, while danny took malcolm to the park. the movie was so, sooo cute! i loved it. and i'm pretty sure alanna liked it a lot too (but maybe i liked it more than her?). it made me laugh out loud a few times. alanna has been reading the books for a few years now, and she said it was just like the story, but with a few extra added parts (and characters), which may have made it even better. if you liked the books, go see this movie, it was great! i can't wait for it to be on dvd, and for the next movie :)

after the movie, we all went to out eat at zpizza. our stamp card was full, so we got this huge delicious pizza for free! we also got a calzone, and our meal was great. maybe even the best pizza i've had there. they use gardein sausage, and daiya cheese, yum! and we had tons of leftovers, which is always a plus.

saturday night i made another batch of cupcakes. this time i tried the recipe for "chocolate and vanilla marble cupcakes", and loaded them with vegan fluffy buttercream frosting! oh man, that frosting could put you in a coma.

on sunday we met danny's family for lunch. it's always nice when we can all get together. everyone has such busy schedules, so sometimes his sister and her husband can't make it. but they did, and we all had a nice meal together. after lunch we went to a park near the restaurant that we've never been to. it had two nice playgrounds, but one was a little too big (for older kids), and malcolm hit his face coming off the end of a slide, and got a bloody nose. his first one ever. it was sad, and he cried a lot, so we left. bummer.

i spent the evening cleaning the house, doing laundry, and making a list of things we need before we leave for our trip on wednesday morning. danny went out for coffee with a friend, and when he returned he had a surprise for me. he went to target and bought me the dress that i wanted! (the one on my wishlist) what a sweet and sneaky husband! i told him that he should have waited to give it to me for my birthday, but he said he got it for me to wear on our date while we are in salt lake. how nice! he also bought himself a new shirt (but he didn't show it to me). the dress fits me good, but now i need a pair of black flats to wear with it ;)

i don't know how often i will be online while we are in utah, so i may not be posting regularly. and i don't know if i will be able to figure out my parents new mac? but i will try, so that i am not swamped with photos when i get home. i hope you all are enjoying spring so far, and mom & dad, see you soooon :)


  1. oh gosh i could eat that pizza about now! Looks sooo good!

    please share that cupcake recipe! Mine always fail and they look soooo good!x

  2. this sounds like a great weekend! i hope you have a great time in utah - and beware the mac - you may fall in love!

  3. i wanna see a pic of said amazing target dress!!!!!

  4. Please send me those cupcakes...i am hungry! xoxoxo - LOL!

  5. i hope you guys have a great time in Utah! how exciting! and that was a very thoughtful husband of yours to buy you that is really cute! Can't wait to read all about your trip! Take care! <3

  6. i REALLY want pizza now aha
    flip they came out good!

    hope you have a lovely time back home :]