Monday, March 1, 2010

what a nice weekend!

we had a really nice weekend! on friday morning i took malcolm to marbles childrens museum in downtown raleigh. we met up with my friend alicia and her son luc, and the boys ran around like wild things! they are still a bit too young to want to play with each other, but they both had fun running around and playing in all the exhibits and exploring the museum. this was our second time visiting the museum, and malcolm had so much fun there. we stayed for 3 hours, and he didn't want to leave, but we had to pick up alanna from school. all weekend long he kept asking for "ship! ship!", meaning that he wanted to go back to the pirate ship. i guess it would be a good idea for us to buy a family membership, so that we can go back anytime. how fun!

it was really hard for me to get a photo of the boys together. they are fast and always on the move! we tried to contain them by putting them in this fishing boat, haha. it worked for a minute.

luc is about 4 months younger than malcolm, but they are the same size :)

this photo pretty much sums up the entire time there (a blur), haha.

my good little vegan, working in the garden...

then his shoe got stuck in the carrot hole!

on friday after danny got home from work, we all headed down to the greenway. alanna and i took our bikes, and danny ran malcolm in the jogging stroller. it was nice to be out in the fresh air, but then the sun started to set, and it got a little too cold.

after dinner, i tried another recipe from the vegan cookie book. this one was "whole wheat chocolate chip cookies". they were good, but a little thick, and heavier than the other recipe we love (because of the whole wheat flour), so i'm not sure if i would make them again.

our friend garrett watched the kids for us on saturday afternoon, so that danny and i could go see shutter island. it was really good, we both liked it a lot.
sunday morning, we got moving pretty early and went to the flea market for a bit. the weather is starting to get warmer, so there were lots of vendors out, and some fun stuff to look at. malcolm started to get cranky, so we didn't stay long. then we headed over and met up with danny's family for lunch at the local mexican restaurant, to celebrate his mother's birthday (which was on saturday). sunday also happened to be my mother's birthday, so i hope that both of our moms had a very happy birthday this weekend! we love you guys!

in the evening we took a quick trip to old navy, and then to our favorite local used book store, edward mckay. the kids (danny included, haha) love to go there and browse through the old books and used dvds. i found a "spooky" disney collection storybook that included the nightmare before christmas, and malcolm was very excited. today while we were driving down the road that heads toward the book store, he was saying "book! book! haaall-o-weeeen!", like he wanted to go back and see it again. i guess i should have bought it for him.

and here is how danny ended the weekend. with a nice cup of yogi tea, and a slice of my homemade "cheesecake". yum!


  1. Tea and Cheesecake! my two favorites! It looks soooo beautiful in NC. And Malcolm's hair is looking really cute!

  2. goodness, that cheesecake looks so tasty! x

  3. Yay photo posts! I especially loved your greenway pics- so artsy! And I'm going to have to show Chris that Danny's using the posh Anthropologie "X" teacup he got him :)

  4. That looks delicious! How are you guys not fat??? haha