Monday, March 15, 2010

the weekend

i will begin this post with this flower, which is growing on a bush in our front yard. spring is on it's way! we had a pretty chill weekend.

on friday night i made a cake. an old friend of mine from salt lake, had posted on facebook earlier in the week, about how he had made the same cake, but that it had failed. he wasn't using the original recipe, so i emailed it to him, and it inspired me to bake one too. for any you old school slc vegans that might remember, it was the Blueberry Lime Bundt Cake from Park Ivy Cafe!

i really should invest in a citrus juicer, because squeezing these babies by hand is really, really hard work!

and i guess i should also invest in a bundt cake pan too, haha, if i ever plan on making this again. but since i didn't have one, i just poured the batter into two shallow pans instead, and they turned out just fine!

malcolm liked it, but what treat doesn't he like?! (we shared that slice)

on saturday morning, we all headed downtown to the
north carolina museum of natural sciences for "reptile day". this museum is huge (4 full floors), and free to the public, which is always great! danny thought it would be fun to take malcolm there. but it was super crowded, and he just wanted to run around, so it wasn't the best idea. we only stayed a little over an hour, and left before he had a major breakdown.

alanna holding an nc
corn snake (malcolm didn't want to touch any of them!)

checking out some fish

in a bat "cave" (malcolm found a cave, in the cave, haha)

he loved running through this tunnel (there isn't really any water in there)

out of all the cool stuff to look at, he liked this fake tree the best! what?

yep, that's my husband :)

on our way out

the weather was beautiful outside. we walked past the capitol building on our way to our car.

and then we realized that we were heading straight into the (lame) st. patricks day parade. which meant that our car was trapped in the parking garage :(

so we headed up to where we parked on level four, and watched over the edge, until cars were able to leave the lot (over 30 minutes). the blue sky and clouds were awesome!

the building on the left is marbles children's museum :)

we are planning on moving as soon as we can find a new house. for the past month or so, i have been extensively searching the area for the right place. finding a rental house with 3 bedrooms, a fully fenced back yard, that allows pets, and is in an area for good schools, that is not totally ghetto or way overpriced, seems to be almost impossible. i look on craigslist (and about six other rental websites) everyday. i have probably driven past at least 30 houses so far, and most of them are in the sketchiest areas, or are tiny, or just don't have the right yard for our dog. and the few that i did find and liked, were already rented when i called on them. it's super frustrating, and totally time consuming, to say the least. luckily we don't have a time frame to be out of this place, so i will just keep searching.

but on the positive side, it is fun to drive around the city, and see new areas/neighborhoods that i've never been through before. raleigh really is a lovely place to live, and there are so many great houses here (if you are wealthy). on my drive around last week, i spotted a new park we've never been to, with a great playground, so on sunday we took the kids there to play.

malcolm loved playing on this new playground!

it was much cooler out than it had been the day before. danny didn't like this park, because it is surrounded by a frisbee golf course, and it is near nc state university, so there were tons of idiot college kids everywhere. plus the playground seemed to be surrounded on all sides by people smoking, which wafted right over to us. ewww. maybe i will try and take malcolm back on a weekday, when it is more desolate.


  1. good luck with the move, i hope you find exactly what you're looking for

  2. As usual, awesome outing with the family! So much to do there...xoxoxo