Thursday, March 4, 2010

pumpkin yum yums

i made these tasty lil' beauties last night! the recipe is "pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes", from the vegan cupcake book, but i think they are more like a muffin than a cupcake. either way, they are delicious. they remind me of those huge pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that they used to sell at smith's grocery stores in utah years ago... back when they were vegan (are they are vegan again now?).
i just had one with my morning coffee. what a way to start the day!

drizzled with a little cinnamon icing

so good!

and of course malcolm loved them :)

(p.s. i don't feel comfortable posting any recipes from this book or the vegan cookie book on my blog, since they are not my recipes. but you should definitely check out both books, they have some tasty things hidden inside!)


  1. Hell ya, those look delicious!

    Have you seen that book called baby cakes?

    They just opened a location in LA. We have been wanting to go.
    They are vegan, organic cupcakes!

  2. jeanie, i have heard that their bakery in new york city is awesome! i've seen their book, but haven't looked in it. this book i have was a x-mas gift from our friend chris in 2007, and he also gave me a nice frosting bag set. i need to use it more often!

  3. Oh those look absolutely DELICIOUS!