Friday, March 5, 2010

friday favorite: my many colored days

one thing i really truly love, and cannot get enough of, are illustrated children's picture books. i've always been a huge fan, and i've been slowly adding to my small collection for years, ever since alanna was just a baby. since quite a few of the people who regularly read my blog are friends of mine, who also have young children, i thought it would be fun to feature a new book each week. i will try and post a new one every friday. maybe my posts will inspire you to seek out these books at your local book store or library?! i would also love for you ladies to leave me comments on what picture books you and your kid(s) are loving this week. so here goes:

in honor of dr. seuss' birthday earlier this week, today i chose
my many colored days by dr. seuss (paintings by steve johnson and lou fancher). the manuscript for this book was written in 1973. more than twenty years later, it was beautifully illustrated by a husband and wife team, and published in 1996, five years after dr. seuss' death. i've been in love with this book since i bought it when it first came out. alanna loved it, and now malcolm really likes it too.

here are a few photos i took of my copy

have you read this book? and if so, do you like it?! i'd love to know :)


  1. we might have to check it out at the library!
    and we should start library book posts on our blogs??? sometimes searching for a good kids book can be pretty overwhelming...I know it is for me anyway :)

  2. Oooh. This book looks fun. We have a few dr. seuss books but not his one. Maybe next time we go to the book store I will pick it up. I love dr. seuss because the sentences are usually short and easy to keep a young ones attention. xo Thanks for sharing.