Friday, March 19, 2010

friday favorite: bye-bye, big bad bullybug

my book pick for today is bye-bye, big bad bullybug by ed emberley. danny bought this book for malcolm when he was still pretty little. i had never seen or heard of it before he brought it home. but it quickly became one of malcolm's very favorite stories, and is definitely his go-to book on a daily basis. the pages have fun cut-outs, and the words are simple and silly. i use a funny voice (high pitched for the tiny bugs, and low for the bullybug) when i read it to him, and he thinks it is hilarious. maybe it's just a boy thing, but malcolm really likes bugs in general. these little bugs are really cute (plus one, who might be a little scary!)

have any of you read any of ed emberley's other books? are they any good? :)

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  1. How sweet of Danny... Justin needs to learn from him! haha. That dress is super cute! I got a Liberty of London dressy shirt the other day. Target has been getting some really good stuff lately.