Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the weekend

on saturday, alanna attended her first bat mitzvah. she was invited by her friend hannah from school, and she had a lot of fun. we really only know the basics about the jewish religion, so it was a very different experience for her, but she really enjoyed herself. hannah read from the torah in hebrew, and then they had a luncheon which included some yummy kosher dishes that were vegan. a few other girls from school were there, they had a DJ, and they all hung out and danced and had a good time.

she even got a new dress for the occasion, and she looked great in it. wow, she is so grown up. alanna hasn't willingly worn a dress since she was a little girl. other than the dresses she wore to mine, my sister-in-law, and my sister's weddings, she probably hasn't worn a dress since she was about 7. she went through a major tomboy stage, and didn't like dressing "girly" at all, but she has grown past that, and maybe this will change her mind about wearing/liking dresses :)

after we picked her up from the bat mitzvah, we met up with danny's parents, and they took alanna out to their house for the night. she loves spending the night out there.

the weather was pretty nice out, so danny and i took malcolm to the park. it has been so cold, and we've spent way too much time inside the house this winter, so it's great when we can actually go outside and not freeze. the playground was pretty crowded with lots of kids and parents, so we walked down to the empty baseball diamond. malcolm found a couple of old tennis balls, and had sooo much fun throwing and chasing them! he seriously spent like 30 minutes just picking up the ball, throwing it (he has a good arm!), running after it, and repeat. it was really cute.

here is proof that my husband smiles! (malcolm makes him smile all the time)

danny throwing the ball to malcolm. i love these guys!

a bright blue sky (and a tiny sliver of moon)

after the park we stopped at target to get malcolm a booster seat. he's such a big boy now. he loves sitting at the dining room table to eat, instead of in the high chair.

on thursday when we went to target to get alanna her dress, i also bought myself a new purse. i haven't used a handbag since malcolm was born (except for on date nights), so it was really nice to finally retire that big diaper bag-pack that i've been using for 2 years. motherhood has pretty much consumed me, and it's rare when i treat myself to something nice. i haven't bought a new pair of shoes since he was born, and i've only had my hair cut maybe twice since then as well (the last time was in march of last year. yikes.) i often feel like that mom on the suave commercials... you know the one, right?! haha. but i guess it's okay, since most days i only leave the house to pick alanna up from school and to run to the post office. i would rather spend any extra money on things that the kids need, instead of on things that i want. anyway, i'm really happy that i treated myself to something new, and maybe having this new bag will make me feel a little less frumpy when i'm out in public. i also got a new phone on friday as well! i haven't upgraded my phone in probably 4 years, so i had an upgrade credit, and it also had an instant rebate, so the phone was free!! yay for new stuff!

the phone is "green" because it is made from recycled materials, and the eco-friendly packaging was super cute too. look at those sunflowers... i can't wait for spring/summer!

on sunday danny's parents brought alanna home, and then dan helped danny replace my transmission fluid, after we had a little mishap, (oops!) thanks again dan! my car is driving really good now. then we did our weekly grocery shopping trip to costco, trader joe's, and kroger. ugh.

the weather yesterday was rainy, and today it is a little gloomy again. i wish we could have done more fun stuff out in the nice weather. so here's hoping it will be warm and sunny again next weekend, and maybe we will make a trip to the flea market. yay!


  1. fun fun fun!!! Alanna looks soooo darling! so grown up!

    mis s you guys can't wait for your trip to slc!

  2. holy crap!

    danny is wearing jeans!!

    im very jealous of your new phone.
    mine is broke - the screen has had it but im not due for an upgrade for a couple of months...i'll have to make do with not being able to see 70% of what im doing on it!!ha

  3. That pic of Malcolm and Danny is super cute!