Saturday, February 13, 2010

my funny lil' guy

this afternoon we met danny's parents for lunch. malcolm was very well-behaved through the whole meal. we even went to borders book store afterwards, and looked at books and toys. here he is being cute:

he is saying "yaaay!"

this is what had him oh so excited... a giant frosted chocolate chip cookie heart that vicky made us for a valentines day treat! yummy! it was really good!

he was petting her hair very softly, and being such a sweetie pie. it was pretty cute.

on the way home, the sun was shining in his face, and he was yelling "jack! jack! dark! dark!" which means that he wanted the reusable nightmare before christmas grocery bag on his head! hahaha, he is so funny. he found it laying on the back seat of the car a few weeks ago, and pulled it over his head and thought it was so funny. then i guess he realized that it blocked the sun, so now he wants it on his head all the time. and don't worry, it is made out of a thin breathable fiber, not plastic or anything that would make him suffocate. and alanna is almost always in the back with him when it is on his head. he fell asleep in it today. this is what he looked like when we got home.

dan got malcolm some flowers to give alanna and i. he was so sweet carrying them over to us at the restaurant today. i tried to get a photo of him holding them when we got home, but these are as good as i could get.

they are lovely

since the weather is so cold out right now (it snowed a little again last night), we can't really go to the park. so yesterday i let malcolm play at the mall. i needed to run an errand there anyway, so we stayed a while and he had lots of fun in the little play area.

he was running non-stop pretty much the whole time, so most of the photos i took were a blur.

playing is hard work!

while we were there, he made a little friend. the girl was probably about 4, and she was holding his hand, and putting her arm around him down the slide etc. it was super cute. i think she was smitten. he really liked playing with her too. then i heard her calling at him to follow her, and she was saying "come here caillou!" haha, he totally thinks his name is caillou right now, and she must have asked him what his name was and he told her caillou instead of malcolm. pretty freakin' funny! i've been trying to get him to say malcolm instead, but he thinks it's hilarious to say caillou. plus i don't think he can pronounce malcolm yet. so for now, i guess he has an alter ego. i got him on video a few days ago, he cracks me up!

(sorry if i sound awful. i know everyone hates the sound of their own voice, but i really hope that's not what i sound like in real life. ugh.)


  1. Haha, Dexter just watched this video and was really into it!

  2. looks like its caillou for now!!

  3. so cute. Caillouuu! Has Malcolm seen Walle? Demetri is in love with that movie! he says walleeeee! Evvve!

  4. hahah that is so cute! bless him!x