Thursday, February 25, 2010


yesterday my cousin lisa posted this sweet photo collage on her facebook page.
(i hope she doesn't mind that i stole a copy of it?!)

a year ago, her sister melissa passed away. it's hard to believe it has already been a whole year. lisa and missy are the daughters of my uncle arlund and aunt earlene (who visited nc last september). arlund is my mother's younger brother, and his family lives about a 2 minutes drive from my parents house. so growing up, we spent a lot of time at their house, and their family at ours. missy had such a sweet spirit. when they would come over to visit, she would always yell "HI!" when they walked in the door, and she would give everyone hugs. she loved flipping through all our books, national geographic magazines, and mom's jc penney catalogs. after i had alanna, she loved playing with alanna's toys. and she loved watching kids movies.

coincidentally, this evening alanna was singing this song from the muppet show. i loved that show as a kid, so when alanna was little we would watch it on vhs all the time, and she loved it as much as i had (still does). she wanted to look up the video on youtube to show malcolm. next thing i hear is this:

(this is the best video i could find. most of them had the audio pulled? lame.)

this song was one of missy's favorites. her brother tom actually got those little muppets tattooed on his chest in remembrance, after she died. i wish i had a photo of his tattoo. anyway, i thought it was interesting that of all the days for alanna to bring up these videos, that it would be today? i googled melissa's name and found a copy of her obituary here. she lived a good long life, much longer than any doctors had predicted. she had a great family and was always surrounded by people who loved her. i can't imagine how hard it must be for my aunt and uncle to not have her around anymore. i just want the thaxton family to know that i am thinking of them. i love you guys.

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