Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines day

what a nice day we all had. we don't really make a big deal out of this (silly) holiday, but i think it's nice to have a day where you can show your family how much you love them, give them yummy treats, and spend time together playing super mario bros on the wii. wait... we already do that all the time! hmmm, well anyway, it was fun to exchange gifts and hang out. danny gave me these beautiful white roses. he also got me two of my favorite chocolate treats from trader joes.

earlier this week, i sent out some cute vintage valentines day love, via snail mail. sorry if i don't have your mailing address. or if yours arrives late (i did my best to get them out on time)

alanna made us this cute card

here are the treats we gave her

nothing says "i love you" like a new pair of chuck taylors! (to danny, from me)

i finally ordered some
dandies for us to try, and wow are they good! yay for vegan marshmallows! we loved them, and i'll definitely be ordering more. i wish they were sold locally, but since i got them with free shipping, i can't really complain. i also ordered some sjaak's vegan peanut butter cups, and they were good, but my peanut butter balls are better (and way cheaper!)

garrett was kind enough to watch the kids this afternoon, so that danny and i could go on a date. we snuck a cup of coffee into the movie theater and saw
The Wolfman. very romantic, i know... but there was no way i could ever convince him to see Valentines Day, haha! after, we had calzones at zpizza. good coffee, a good movie, and good food! it was really nice to spend some quiet time with him without the kids. i love you husbandito!

and i even wore a festive shirt! i wear this top when it isn't valentines day. i think i can get away with it, since my last name is hart :)

i hope you all had a nice day as well, and got to spend some time with those that you love!


  1. aw man! i have a heart shirt. i totally should have worn that today! those white roses are gorgeous. i just got back from seeing Wolfman...
    I liked it. i also thought it was fun. honestly.. i think it could have been more bloody? haha but other than that, it was quick and entertaining! my date was all "hey it was a good love story!"


  3. We got your Valentine! Demetri has been carrying it around. Thanks for thinking of us :) xo

  4. I got my Valentine yesterday. You totally made my day! I miss you tons!

  5. So cute! Even if it's not a real holiday, it's a nice excuse to eat some extra chocolate and give/get pretty flowers!