Thursday, February 11, 2010

dr. visit

today we took malcolm to his 2 year well check visit. his dr. says he looks great. he is healthy, and growing/developing/learning right on target. he is still a tiny little guy, just 25 lbs now, and 33 inches tall (he gained 2 lbs and grew 2 inches since his 18 month check up), but at least he has made it into the 25th percentile for his weight! at one point when he was a newborn, he was in the 4th percentile for weight :( and oh, sooo tiny. i really don't think it is a fair comparison though, since the majority of the general american population eats terribly, and feeds their kids all kinds of awful crap. no wonder they all weigh so much more than him (ahem vicky, you know, like the baby at the gym being fed bojangles biscuits and gravy at 6 months old!! ewww!). anyway, they also took a blood sample, and his iron levels look totally fine. yay for a healthy and happy vegan toddler!

(look at him standing on the sides of his feet, haha! he never does that? i think it was because he didn't have any socks on. funny that i caught it in a photo)

after the dr's visit, we went to the park, but it was really cold out, so we only stayed a few minutes. i cannot wait for the weather to get warmer. i am not at all looking forward to the hot/humid summer, but i am pretty much over this whole winter thing too. bring on spring please! i would love to live where it is like spring and autumn all year long! (does that place even exist?!)

he was super excited that there was still snow on the ground :)

and alanna got stuck up there in the slide, it was pretty funny


  1. Elijah is only 25lbs and he is three and he is only an inch taller than Malcolm!

  2. He's such a cutie! I'm so happy you posted this. Sol is around his size and his doctor always makes me feel shitty because he's so little. I think she thinks it's because he doesn't eat meat or drink milk. :(

    It's funny he's so excited about the snow. Sol and I were out the other day and he said "mommy what's that" talking about the snow and I said "it's snow. Do you want to touch it?" and he goes "mommy I touch it!" haha now every time he sees snow he says " mommy that snow? I touch it!" it's super cute.

  3. awww, what a big boy! Even Demetri was low in weight... but you are totally right, the rest of Americans eat like shit, so just compare him to other vegan kids.

    We are considering a visit to Asheville, how far is that from you?

  4. HAHAHAH the sides of his fet pic is hilarious oh lil malcolm!