Monday, January 18, 2010


yesterday i was tagged, by a fellow blogger, to make a list of 10 random things about me. thanks jessica, for choosing me, even if i was a totally random pick :) i love her blog, you should go check it out <3

it was kind of hard to decide what to list, so here goes:
  • growing up, i lived in the same house my entire life (for 25 years), until i got married and moved to north carolina. my mother has actually lived at that same address her entire life as well, but in 3 different houses. crazy!

  • my mother had me when she was 40 (my father was 46). and i was a "miracle" baby of sorts :)

  • when i was in elementary, i was scared to death of big rig trucks. then i saw "maximum overdrive", and was even more afraid of them! yikes! i was also afraid of the hamburglar, haha.

  • i do not have any living grandparents. (neither does danny). my grandma hart was the only one i really remember well, and she died when i was 15. my brother and i spent a few summers at her home in idaho, and they are some of my fondest childhood memories.

  • i wear contact lenses, and have since the 7th grade. i have not owned a pair of glasses since the third grade. i need to remedy that, pronto. (my eyes are killing me).

  • i never learned to tie my shoelaces correctly. (mom, miguel taught me wrong!) i also do not hold my pen correctly when i write. ouch.

  • i love being pregnant. danny and i both want one more child. but if we were to win the lottery, and never had to worry about money (and the stress that it brings), i would want to have many more children. i love being a mom.

  • when i was little, i wanted to be a grocery store manager. haha. when i was a teenager, i wanted to be a photographer for the national geographic. (i still sort of do...)

  • i like to put ketchup on bean burritos.

  • i love, love, love willie nelson, and i have seen him perform live four times!

and i guess i will tag a few of my friends too. so here you go ladies, make a post!



  1. I loved reading these. The Hamburglar is incredibly scary! And ketchup on bean burritos is very, um..unique! ;) just kidding.

    Have the best day Lauren!xoxo

  2. haha, yeah i know. the hot lunch at my elementary always served bean burritos with ketchup, i guess because it was way cheaper than salsa, so i never knew it was strange until i got older. danny made fun of me for it, then he tried it, and now he likes it too! haha <3

  3. That is cool about living in the same house for 25 years. I lived in the same house for my first 19 years! And I love that you love Willie Nelson.

  4. There is nothing more special than having the feeling of your baby growing inside you, i also soooooooooo loved being pregnant!