Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow day!

yesterday the local news was predicting 5-10 inches, and they said that all flights for rdu were cancelled. at about 7:30 last night we went out to run a few errands, and there were snow flurries in the air. by the time we got back home, it was snowing and there was snow on the ground. malcolm and lucky dog were super excited!

this is what malcolm looked like when he came in from the cold, haha

it snowed more overnight, and we woke up to a nice yard blanketed with snow. i think we only got about 2-3 inches, but it was enough for the kids to play in. here is alanna's "not-stoked-to-have-her-photo-taken" face, haha

he wasn't sure what to think?!

my car misses driving in the snow (p.s. that is my old utah plate, i have a new nc one on the back)

alanna made a 2 in the snow for malcolm, in honor of his birthday

lucky likes to trot through the snow

here's what malcolm looked like after he came in today, haha. it was cooold out there!

then he stuffed his face with one of mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies, becuase after all, it is his birthday.



  2. Danny and his camo shorts haha, it could be a blizzard out and that man would still be in camo shorts :)

  3. i was gonna say, haha, danny man!

    i swear it could be 20 below and he'd still be rockin' the camos!

    although the snow looks SO good, im really REALLY happy ours has gone now. and fingers crossed it will be another year before its back

    what breed is lucky?
    i've been thinking about getting a dog.
    im leaning more towards a pit. but im trying to do research into a good dog...