Thursday, January 7, 2010

random photos from the past couple weeks

this is how i found my shoes, silly baby :)

alanna on christmas night, after a long day of fun, passed out with lucky dog (i forgot to include this one in my christmas day post)

danny making his way through the tent tunnel, haha

malcolm hiding behind the christmas tree (to poop)

malcolm sleeping while alanna plays the wii (p.s. new super mario bros wii is so awesome! but i suck at it)

cheers to a new year!

compton totally sold out! or not... it was just sparkling cider. we watched iron man to ring in the new year!

our movie snacks!

apparently alanna has been telling lies...

...and malcolm is aspiring to be a unicorn (or a narwhal)

alannas new camera has a "beauty" feature that is supposed to correct your hair and skin and make it look better. here is our glamour shot, haha :)

malcolm has figured out how to take his pants off. he loves to run around naked. i keep finding little piles of removed clothing all around the house, haha


  1. looks like you had a great time! :)

    I'm curious - what do danny's knuckles say? I love knuckle tattoos, cant wait to get mine done! x

  2. awe i love the one of malcolm behind the tree hahahhahaha whatta sneak!

  3. lol...omg, it's impossible to keep pants or socks on my nephew :)