Saturday, January 23, 2010

i'm such a slacker

i've been really bad about posting regularly on here, so i am going to try to update more often. this week has been pretty busy, nothing too exciting happened, but we seemed to be going, going, going all week long. last saturday danny's sister catherine came over to watch the kids while danny and i went on a date. alanna took this photo of malcolm and catherine while we were gone.

danny took me to see The Lovely Bones, and then to dinner at a nice thai place. i read the book back when it first came out, i think in 2003, and i really liked it. i would take alanna (she was about 7 then) to the local park near my parents house, and i would read on the bench while she played. i loved it back then, when i actually had some quiet time to sit and read a book. maybe someday i will be able to do that again :)

anyway, i liked the movie. while we were in the theater, i kept thinking that danny was probably not enjoying it, but he actually liked it too. it was pretty similar to the book, but it left a few things out, so there were some holes (like the relationship with ray and ruth). stanley tucci was sooo creepy, and a few scenes were kinda scary. i think the "heaven" scenes were a bit cheesy, except for the ships-in-a-bottle, which were awesome. but overall it was good. i thought the girl who played susie was really cute, but one thing that really bothered me, was the way that she whisper-talked. it was really hard for me to listen to her voice. i have a problem with people who talk like that. like daniel faraday on LOST. and vincent d'onofrio's character on law & order: criminal intent. i love law & order: svu, but i cannot stand to watch CI because of the way he whisper-talks, haha! i think peter jackson did a good job on the film. it made me want to read the book again.

this week is raleigh's big toy sale, the kids exchange, you might remember my post about it over the summer? this time around i sold some things, well lots of things actually. tons of alanna's clothes that no longer fit, including about 8 pairs of like new jeans. she needs to quit growing so fast. and some toys malcolm never liked or has outgrown etc.

on monday, alanna and i dropped off all of our items. i also volunteered, so i worked on thursday evening helping with the checkout process. it was very tiring work. and i am working again tomorrow night to help sort things after it shuts down. yikes.

the perk for being a volunteer, is that you get to shop 2 days before the general public. so on wednesday, alanna and i went to see what good stuff we could find! it was sooo packed with toys, books, games, baby gear, and clothes, etc. that it was almost hard to shop, since there was so much to sort through. it was overwhelming, but we did find some great stuff. lots of new clothes for alanna that look like new, a few things still had tags attached. score! and a couple things for malcolm. this is what the toy area looked like.

we went back again on friday after alanna got out of school, and found a few more good things, including a vhs copy of caillou for a dollar for malcolm. he loves that show right now, and can even say "caillou" really good. our local pbs channel seems to have removed it from their regular schedule. bummer. but now he has a few episodes to watch at home.

while we dropped off monday, and shopped wednesday, danny took malcolm to the park. he loves to have playtime with daddy. he can also say "park" now, and he asks to go constantly. even when it is dark out. it's pretty cute. (oh, and he says "dark" now too. what a little talker!)

after playing hard, and staying until it was dark out and they were both cold, they had a starbucks date and enjoyed some hot soy cocoa together

last night, alanna was blessed with her very first monthly "gift". holy shit, i have a teenage daughter!! she didn't want me to tell danny, because she knew he would tease her about it. but i needed to take her to target to buy some feminine items, so i had to tell him why we were going so late. of course he immediately starts in on the jokes. and then, being the clever beast that he is, he starts singing "she's a lady"!! hahaha, oh man, it was so funny. and alanna was so pissed, haha (but she knew he was just teasing). when we were about to check out, i told her that i was going to take a picture of the cart full of products, but she took my camera away. she would be mortified if she knew i was posting about this on here, so for those of you who read this and talk to her, please don't let her know :)

tonight we met up with danny's mom and dad, his sister, and compton and garrett at a local chinese restaurant to celebrate his dads birthday. we had dinner, enjoyed each others company, and had birthday cake. malcolm loved when we all sang dan happy birthday. he got the cutest grin on his face. he is going to love it when we sing it to him next week! oh my goodness, malcolm is going to turn 2 in a week! wow, this year has flown by!

here is malcolm and his grandma vicky in the reflection of the toy claw machine at china pearl

as i was getting malcolm ready for the bath tonight, i hear this coming from the computer. hahaha! danny is hilarious.


  1. That's a way cute picture of Catherine and Malcolm. Don't be too hard on Alanna, I remember when that happened to me and I had 3 brothers.

    Love you, mom

  2. So, so love your blogging Lauren!

  3. oh poor alanna! ha ha ha oh man i really was nervous to see the lovely bones cause i read the book to but now i think i want to.

    anyways keep in touch i'll give malcolm a call on his birthday and sing teh birthday tune for him :)

  4. o man I get the whisper-talk thing! We love the show Dexter, but his wife whisper-talks & it seriously drives me looney. glad to know I'm not the only one. haha!