Friday, January 29, 2010

i think i'd like to live in the mountains

my mother sent out a box for malcolm this week, full of gifts, and a few things for us as well. she included some homemade apple butter, yum! and a disk with copies of my uncle arlund's photos from the trip we all took out to the nc mountains this september. looking at all these great photos made me remember how much fun we had (minus all the rain!), and how much i love that part of this state. i really do think it would be so great to live near asheville. it is beautiful out there.

i know these photos are like 4 months old, but i still wanted to post them here. and i also added a few photos that my mom had taken too.

malcolm's hungry caterpillar quilt - also handmade by my mom!

heading up to chimney rock

mom, me, alanna (the side of dad's head) and aunt earlene. in the tunnel to the elevator that takes you up to the top of the rock.

malcolm and grandma in the gift shop

uncle arlund, aunt earlene, mom, and dad, on the top of chimney rock. the view up there is amazing (even on a rainy/foggy day).

alanna on the hike down from the top

alanna with her grandparents

my lil' monkey (on a leash) haha

the biltmore house

alanna and i were looking at the other camera, but malcolm looks cute!

i love this photo! a couple of old duffers on an old wagon, haha :)

the view along the blue ridge parkway

swimming at the resort clubhouse, since it was so wet and rainy outside

and this was taken right before we left to head back home

these photos were taken after the kids and i left. they stayed a couple more days, the rain finally stopped, and they got to enjoy beautiful blue skies.

a waterfall you can drive your car behind?!

and oh man, am i sad that i missed this giant pumpkin! how awesome is this!?

asheville, i hope we get to visit you again soon...


  1. asheville!!!! I love asheville - the mountains are just the best (I live in southwest virginia) I can't imagine raising a family anywhere else!

    And I LOVE that hungry caterpillar blanket! it's so amazing!

  2. that quilt it beautiful!

    how much money would I have to part with to get her to make me one?!? I LOVE that book! x

  3. You've got some great shots there! Here's a link to some of the photographs I've taken here in Asheville since moving here in May from Georgia. Hope ya like! Blessings
    Jerry Nelson

  4. WOW! I want to go there! I have been CRAVING nature lately and can't wait for the freezing temps to calm so I can visit the mountains without a million layers :)

  5. That quilt is ridiculously amazing!! I can't believe your mama made that!! WOW!!! I'm sure Malcolm will treasure that forever! xo